Top 20 Teacher Gift Basket Ideas

by Auhbon

Teachers work hard to ensure children get a quality education and become upstanding citizens. Some teachers may feel underappreciated from time to time. However, with our roundup of the top 20 teacher gift basket ideas, the teacher in your life will know just how much their efforts matter.

1. Teacher Appreciation Box

Handmade teacher appreciation gift box including spa items

This cozy crowdpleaser contains a lip balm, soap bar, bath bomb, handmade scented candle, and sea salt caramels. Additionally, it includes a nylon clutch with your teacher’s initials. During checkout, type a sweet message to top the basket off with a personalized greeting card.

2. Mentor Spa Gift Box

Handmade spa themed gift box with optional necklace

Teachers guide children through the ups and downs of life, and they may forget to take a step back and unwind. Remind them they deserve a break with this spa gift box. It includes a candle, lip balm, soap, two bath bombs, and a wooden heart with a heartfelt message. There’s no shortage of spa-themed teacher gift basket ideas on this list, but this one is particularly sweet and to the point.

3. Honey Bee Gift Basket

Gift box containing bee products and an art print

This thoughtful basket includes a honey-bee-themed assortment of goodies like candies, honey, candles, and more. Make sure you select a greeting card to make your teacher’s heart flutter with joy. This carefully curated basket is almost as sweet as honey. As far as charming and unique teacher gift basket ideas, this is a perfect choice!

4. Teacher Care Package

Wholesome care package including bath salts and candle

Teachers shower students with care and affection to help them grow up to be good people. Validate your teacher’s work by giving them this wholesome care package. It comes with a canvas planter, candle, and bath salts. You can go the extra mile and add a sweet personal message.

5. Personalized Flower Gift Box

Flower gift box with personalized card and title

These top-grade artificial flowers will remind your teacher of your support and thoughtfulness for years. Customize the box with their name, type a wholesome note, and select the color they’ll like best. The roses are available in ivory, white, pink, and red.

6. Engraved Wood Gift Box

Handmade personalized engraved wooden gift box for teachers

This box features an engraving of the teacher’s name, and you can add your child’s name as a finishing touch. Not only does it house a personalized bookmark, glass jar, tote bag, thank-you card, and pencils, but teachers can easily repurpose it for their classroom. As far as teacher gift basket ideas go, this one is extra thoughtful and relevant.

7. Bath and Beauty Box

Bath and beauty set with nine sent choices

Treat them to a luxurious at-home spa day with this incredible bath and beauty box. You can choose the scent of the bath bomb, soap bar, sachet, and candle. Additionally, all items arrive carefully packaged in hypoallergenic wrap material, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find more stunning packaging!

8. Oh, the Places You’ll Go Set

Doctor Seuss themed gift box including surprise item

Teachers believe in their students’ capabilities, so it’s time to remind them you’re cheering them on in all their endeavors. This fun set includes a coffee mug, journal, tumbler cup, two pencil packs, six decorated cookies, and a surprise item. If you’re looking for teacher gift basket ideas that elicit fun and excitement, then the surprise item in here is sure to get the job done!

9. Pumpkin Sweets Gift Box

Pumpkin Sweets Gift Box containing sweet baked treats

If your teacher has a sweet tooth, then this gift box of delicious pumpkin sweets will be sure to put a smile on her face! The gift box contains high-quality baked sweets including a chocolate mini bundt, a walnut brownie, a cheese brownie, and a variety of cookies. It’s an especially perfect choice for the fall season, but with the heightened level of quality goods in this box, you couldn’t go wrong any time of year!

10. Personalized Coffee Gift Box

Coffee gift box with size and add-on options

Sometimes teachers need an extra kick of caffeine to get the job done. Surprise your coffee-loving teacher with this personalized coffee gift box filled with chocolates, syrups, coffee, a heart-shaped spoon, and more! Choose from 3 different box sizes to get just the right quantity and quality of products. They’ll remember your thoughtfulness whenever they take a sip of their morning brew.

11. Fuzzy Socks Gift Basket

Six pack fuzzy handcrafted cupcake socks gift basket

Teachers are constantly on their feet, giving their time and attention to each student in their class. Ensure they give their feet a warm hug with this cozy fuzzy socks basket. The socks are soft, and the seller shapes them into cupcakes, making them a gift that’s hard to beat.

12. Back to School Gift Basket

Teacher gift box containing self care and school items

Teachers spend lots of time prepping for the new school year, so why not help your favorite teacher with this practical gift basket? It contains self-care items and school supplies, everything your teacher will appreciate when the first day of school arrives. Looking for pragmatic teacher gift basket ideas? Look no further!

13. InBooze Gift Basket for Teachers

Gift set for teachers including cocktail kit

Your favorite teacher goes above and beyond for their class the entire school year, so make sure they relax over the summer with this InBooze gift basket. Leave a message at checkout to include a personalized card expressing your admiration and gratitude.

14. Aromatherapy Candle Gift Set

Three aromatherapy candles with seven mood scent options

Teaching is rewarding, but it can also be exhausting. Acknowledge your teacher’s hard work by gifting them this relaxing aromatherapy candle set. It’s an excellent care package that will remind them that their contributions don’t go unnoticed.

15. Superfood Parfait Collection Basket

Superfood parfait collection healthy snack gift box

Surprise the teachers in your life with this gluten-free treasure trove of healthy and delicious snacks. The whimsical basket contains nutritious delights made from nuts and dried fruits, a lovely pick-me-up for those with a sweet tooth. Take our word for it; these candies taste as good as they look.

16. Gourmet Honey Gift Box

Gourmet honey gift box including honeycomb and tea

Pull out all the stops with this box of everything honey. It contains a variety of raw organic honey products, and your teacher will enjoy each sip of the included fair-trade organic herbal tea. The box is an ideal gift for busy-bee teachers who give it their all throughout the school year.

17. Beach Lover Gift Box

Beach lover gift box including personalized keychain

Bring the beach to your teacher with this beach lover gift box. The beach-themed water bottle and personalized keychain are the perfect companions for trips to the seaside, while the candle smells fantastic. Additionally, she can visit her happy place from the comfort of thier home with the wooden sign and magnet.

18. Teacher Appreciation Basket

Teacher appreciation gift set including bookmark and tumbler

It takes a special kind of person to become a teacher, and this appreciation basket celebrates their dedication and passion. Let them know they’re making a difference in the world by gifting them a basket that will warm their heart. Among other teacher gift basket ideas, this one is excellent for those teachers who deserve a lot of extra love!

19. Eucalyptus Gift Basket

Spa themed gift basket with eucalyptus based products

This fragrant spa set will awaken their senses, ease their mind, and eliminate pent-up tension. Teaching can be stressful, but thanks to your gift, your favorite teacher will remember to schedule some well-deserved “me” time. The basket includes a soy candle, salt scrub, body oil, and body butter.

20. Appreciation Gift Box

Back to school gift box for teachers

Why not get your favorite teacher this appreciation basket to show your gratitude for their work? They constantly give their time and energy to others, and you can remind them how invaluable their efforts are.

Worst Ideas

Gift-giving is a fine art, and you may fear getting your teacher something they won’t enjoy. Fortunately, we’ll tell you what types of gifts to avoid.

Classroom Supplies

While teachers use the holidays to stock up on supplies and ensure their classroom is ready for students, don’t go overboard with classroom supplies.

A notebook or pencil set will do, but only because it’s for the teacher. Buying colored paper and crafts sets could remind them of the work that awaits them when the new school year begins. It’s best to reach for an item for their personal use. Besides, they might have a particular method for running their class, so leave purchasing classroom supplies to the professionals.

Apples and Apple-Themed Gifts

Giving apples to teachers might work in outdated movies and TV shows, but going through with this idea in real life is ill-advised. Sure, it’s a healthy snack, but does it leave a lasting impression? We didn’t think so.

Instead, go for a gift basket filled to the brim with delicious and beautifully packaged snacks.

Of course, you can grab an apple-shaped item, but only if you’re confident the teacher is fond of apples. Otherwise, steer clear of cliche items and get something they’ll actually enjoy.

Clothes and Ornaments

Clothes are a no-go unless you’re purchasing a gift for a friend or family member who’s a teacher. Style depends on personal taste, and pinning down clothes that will match another person’s fashion sense is nearly impossible. Additionally, getting the size right can be a challenge, and you’ll waste time wondering whether the item will fit.

Similarly, home decor doesn’t make the best gifts. If you pick up an ornament that doesn’t match their home’s style, the teacher may regift it to someone else.

Something That’s Not Allowed

Teachers don’t get enough credit for their work, and they appreciate kind gestures. However, before you express your gratitude and place an order, learn whether the teacher is allowed to receive gifts.

Different states and school districts have rules that regulate teacher gifts. Perhaps the school district prohibits teachers from receiving gifts, and you don’t want to put them in an awkward position. Contact the parents’ association or the school to learn about its teacher gift policy. When you’re sure your kind gesture won’t put the teacher on the spot, it’s time to go gift hunting.


It should go without saying that giving cash to your child’s teacher is a bad idea. Parents are uncertain about what to get but still want to show support. They sometimes misjudge the situation and place dollar bills in an envelope. Regardless of their good intentions, it’s not a good look. At best, the teacher will feel uncomfortable; at worst, they’ll feel as if the parent is trying to buy a grade.


This one may sound counterintuitive. While your child’s teacher may be a voracious reader, how do you find a book they don’t already have in their collection? Moreover, unless they’re a family friend, you may not know what’s their preferred genre.

Makeup and Other Beauty Products

They know what works best with their skin tone and features, and you don’t want to gift them a product that will collect dust on the shelf.

A care basket with creamy lip balm is okay, but lipsticks and similar beauty products aren’t items you should add to the mix.

When to Give the End-of-Year Gift Basket?

School is out by mid-June, and teachers and students welcome the summer holidays. But how can you make your child’s teacher feel more recognized for their care and support during the past academic year? An end-of-the-year gift basket is an excellent choice.

You could ask for an appointment with the teacher in early June to discuss your child’s progress. The meeting is also an opportunity to personally thank them for guiding your child in the right direction. You could hand them the basket near the end of the appointment and wish them a wonderful summer.

You can’t go wrong with involving the children. They spend so much time in school that it’s practically their second home, and they often make strong bonds with their teachers. So, talk to your child to see if they’re on board. You can bring the basket to school on the last day and see the teacher’s happiness as they receive an end-of-the-year basket from your child.

Whichever route you choose, don’t give the basket before June. You want the teacher to enjoy their gift all summer.

When to Give a New Teacher Basket?

Teacher Gift Food Basket

A new teacher has arrived at the school, and they’re teaching your child.

You might think giving them a token of appreciation after the first few weeks is too soon, but it’s a good tactic. It shows you’re involved in your child’s education. Furthermore, it displays your understanding of the teachers’ efforts to ensure students hit all their academic milestones.

If you want to nurture a solid parent-teacher bond, consider surprising the new teacher with a basket within their first few months on the job.

Those who prefer a more subtle approach should hold off on gift-giving until Teacher Appreciation Week.

The last day of school is another option. As new teachers reflect on their student’s academic achievements, they’ll feel good knowing they’ve positively impacted their community.

How to Gift During Teachers Appreciation Week

Gift for Teacher from students

Teacher Appreciation Week is when most parents and students think about gift-giving.

Before you start window shopping, ensure you’re up to date with the school’s teacher gift policy. When you’re in the clear, look for a present within your budget.

Younger children usually spend the most time with one teacher. Although most educators don’t expect anything, an appreciation card and a heartfelt gift can inspire them to keep up the good work.

Older children have several teachers and getting each one a personalized present may be unrealistic. Still, purchase a thoughtful gift for your child’s favorite teacher and thank the others in person. If your budget allows it, you could buy several smaller gifts.

Some schools organize parent-teacher meetings, and you can use this opportunity to express your appreciation, even if you don’t have gifts for everyone.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

Purchasing gifts for people who aren’t close family members is often a slippery slope, but we’re here to make the process hassle-free. Our experts will provide insider tips to ensure your presents always hit the mark. All you need to do is fill out the form to get in touch with one of our expert shoppers.

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Teachers really need appreciation from us Parents because they taught our children with longest patience.

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My kids teacher’s name is Ms. Honey. The Honey Bee Gift Basket is great for her

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Aromatherapy Candle Gift Set for my son Teacher ;)

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