The Best 18-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas to Make It Special

by Jessa

Eighteen years together as a couple is certainly a milestone and deserves a special gift to commemorate the occasion. To help you make a meaningful gift choice for your loved ones, we’ve compiled a list of the best 18-year anniversary gift ideas.

Top 50 Gifts

1. Precious Moments Through the Years Porcelain Figurine

Precious Moments Through the Years Porcelain Figurine

Popular for decades, Precious Moments figurines are a wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary. Approximately 5.5 inches high, this gift is perfect for a bookshelf or knick-knack cabinet to remind a married couple of their wonderful 18 years together.

2. “Eighteen Years We Made a Family” Ornament

Eighteen Years We Made a Family Ornament

Constructed from wood and metal, this minimalistic ornament features the married couple along with how many children they have (you can select between one and four children). Etched into its wooden base is a wonderful message for a visual representation of 18 years of marriage.

3. Anniversary Decorative Etched Plate

Anniversary Decorative Etched Plate with stand

This 7.5-inch porcelain plate features “18th Wedding Anniversary” in gold letters. It’s a beautiful display item that looks great on a shelf or wall and is a permanent reminder of 18 years of marital bliss. The plate has two 24k gold rims and comes with a display stand.

4. The Metal Foundry Sundial

The Metal Foundry Sundial with stand

As a fabulous 18-year anniversary gift idea, this metal sundial can be prominently displayed in a garden, on the front porch, or shelf as a keepsake, and you can purchase a custom stand. It’s crafted from recycled materials and you can order a personalized message. It’s a wonderful gift to mark the passage of time.

5. Hand Casting Kit for Couples

Hand Casting Kit for Couples

The couple can cast their 18 years together using this hand-casting kit. The package includes everything you’ll need to create a lasting memory of a life-long commitment. By holding hands in the mold, the couple can sculpt a lasting bond to commemorate the last 18 years.

6. “18 Years of Marriage” Picture Frame

This wood frame displays how long 18 years is in months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes and has a space for a 4 x 6 photo. It can be hung on a wall or stand on a shelf. The couple can see exactly how long they’ve been together since they said: “I do.”

7. Life Sutra: Couples Reconnect Game

18 Years of Marriage Picture Frame

One of the more interactive 18-year anniversary gift ideas is the Couples Reconnect card game. It allows players to answer questions that often go overlooked. Created by a psychologist, this game helps couples keep the romance in their relationship and can help to rekindle their passions and intimate connections.

8. 18 Years Bath Towel

Emblazoned 18 Years Bath Towel

Emblazoned on this 22 x 30-inch bath towel are the words “18 Years and Still Going Strong.” It’s a versatile anniversary gift that can be used in the bathroom, gym, or pool. Getting a pair and using them for holidays can be a fun way for the couple to remember how long they’ve been together.

9. 18th Anniversary Wedding Scrapbook

18th Anniversary Wedding Scrapbook

A lot of memories can be accumulated over 18 years of marriage. This 25-page scrapbook has the words “18 Years of Adventures Together” on its cover and is one of the most popular 18-year anniversary gift ideas. The couple can use it for photos and keepsakes from their holidays or important events.

10. Porcelain Cat Motif Tea Mugs Set

Porcelain Cat Motif Tea Mugs Set

An elegant gift to celebrate an anniversary, this set comes with two tea mugs, lids, spoons, and a beautiful heart-shaped serving plate. The mugs feature playful cats (there’s also a swan design option) and give the married couple a chance to sit down, relax, and enjoy a luxurious cup of tea.

11. His and Hers Matching Apron Set

A couple who cooks together stays together. Commemorate your fun times in the kitchen with this matching apron set. Printed on his is “Mr. Right” while hers boasts “Mrs. Always Right,” alongside a few other entertaining designs.

12. Couples Glass Set

Cute Couples Wine Glass Set

A beer mug for him and a wine glass for her is one of the most interesting asymmetric 18-year anniversary gift ideas. His says “One Great Fisherman” and hers “Best Catch of his Life.” It’s a cute set for a couple with a sense of humor who entertain guests during dinners. Each glass holds 16 ounces. You’ll get bonus points if they actually fish.

13. Romantic Couples Figurine

9 inch Romantic Couples Figurine

This 9-inch-high resin figurine features a couple on a rope swing sharing a loving kiss. As a romantic reminder of why the couple is together, this hand-painted item can be displayed on a shelf or end table.

14. “A Perfect Marriage” Wall Plaque

A Perfect Marriage 12x12 inches Wall Plaque

Made of walnut, this beautiful wall plaque reminds the couple of what marriage is with a fun phrase. It’s 12 x 15 inches and can be hung on the wall or displayed on a tabletop.

15. 18th Anniversary Rustic Heart Decoration

18th Anniversary Rustic Heart Decoration

This minimalistic decoration has “18th Anniversary” engraved on its wood base and a beautiful aluminum rustic heart with the word “love” built in. It’s perfect for a bookshelf or end table and can serve as a daily reminder of why the couple is together.

16. Kissing Mugs Set

White and Red Kissing Mugs Set

As a fun matching red and white mug set, these fit together to form a couple kissing. It’s a silly and romantic way for the couple to enjoy their morning coffee or tea, and comes with matching spoons that fit into the handles.

17. Rectangular Collage Picture Frames

Rectangular Collage Picture Frames with 12 slots

After 18 years of marriage, a long-lasting couple has more than their fair share of memories to display. Each of these two frames has 12 spots to display their favorite 4 x 6 snippets of their lives. They can be used for family photos, favorite holidays, or to showcase the couple’s bond over the years.

18. “To My Husband” Engraved Wooden Watch

To Husband Engraved Wooden Watch

A heartfelt way to let your husband of 18 years know he’s loved is with this engraved wooden watch. The watch comes in a wooden keepsake box. Engraved on the watch’s back is a beautiful, loving message.

19. Infinity Love Candle

This romantic and elegant display piece features a loving couple entwined and kissing. Coming with an LED flickering candle in the base, this unique anniversary statue is 8.5 inches tall and looks great as a dinner décor at home for all future anniversaries.

20. Wooden Memory Picture Box

Wooden Memory Picture Box

This stylish and fun frame kit comes with figurines to place on top to represent the married couple, their children, and even their pets. Fill the frame with pictures and change the numbers at the bottom to update this kit with your most precious memory of the year, or keep a fragment frozen in time.

21. Moon Décor Lamp

USB Landing on the Moon Décor Lamp

For the couple on a never-ending honeymoon, this USB moon lamp features two astronauts landing on the moon. The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted by touching one of the figures, making this a fun display piece or a night lamp. On its base, it reads “To the Moon and Back.”

22. Bucket List Couples Game

Unique card game Bucket List Couples Game

This unique card game is geared toward keeping romance alive in a long-lasting relationship. This game is great for a couple’s “date night” and focuses on three aspects of a marriage – life, love, and laughter. Use the fun prompts to spruce up your routine or delve into obscure topics.

23. “To My Wife” Anniversary Blanket

To My Wife Anniversary 50x60 inch Blanket

A beautiful way for a husband to keep his wife of 18 years warm is with this anniversary blanket. This set comes contains a 50 x 60-inch blanket with a loving statement along with two matching pillow covers.

24. “To My Husband” Anniversary Blanket

To My Husband” Anniversary 50x60 inches blanket

This 50 x 60-inch blanket will remind the long-time groom just how much his bride loves him. It features a beautiful, loving statement titled “Why I Love My Husband” and a picture of a lion and lioness. This warm fleece and flannel-made blanket are good for all occasions.

25. Personalized Sundial Compass

Personalized Sundial Compass with beautiful case

A great anniversary gift for a long-time partner is this personalized sundial compass. It comes in a beautiful leather case, and the brass sundial can be engraved with an anniversary message of your choice. A wonderful anniversary gift to remind us of both time and direction.

26. “My Heart Beats” Engraved Anniversary Stone

Gender Neutral engraved Anniversary Stone

Engraved with a beautiful anniversary message, this gift is gender-neutral and works regardless of who’s receiving it. It’s a fun way to let the other one know that they’re the rock in their life.

27. King Beer and Queen Wine Glass Set

King Beer and Queen Wine Glass Set

After 18 years of marriage, the couple deserves to feel like the king and queen that they truly are. This fun matching drinking set has crowns engraved on both. The set comes in an elegant gift box. This one is a fun gift for the “royal” family.

28. “To My Husband” Anniversary Pocket Watch

To Husband Anniversary Pocket Watch

What better way to celebrate the passing of time than with an elegant pocket watch? The watch cover has a romantic etched message of timeless and devoted love. This is a beautiful and symbolic anniversary gift to celebrate the years together and look towards the future.

29. Muscle Massage Gun

Muscle Massage Gun for aching muscles

The married couple can take turns giving each other the ultimate massage with a massage gun to soothe tired and aching muscles. The kit comes with seven different attachments to hit all the right spots. It’s a wonderful gadget that will pay off in future comfort.

30. Anniversary Compass Necklace for Her

Anniversary Compass Necklace for Her

This elegant compass pendant is engraved with “I’d Be Lost Without You” and is a perfect gift for 18 years of stability. The compass is inlaid with a cubic zirconia stone to give it a more feminine feel. Don’t forget to joke how your wife is the center of your world.

31. Pandora Happy Anniversary Dangle Charm

Pandora Happy Anniversary Dangle Charm

If your wife already has a Pandora bracelet or necklace, this dangle charm can be the perfect anniversary gift for her. If not, it’s a great way to start a string of excellent presents that she can wear. It features two heart-shaped discs and 14k gold-plated champagne glasses.

32. Hourglass Compass Combo

Stunning Hourglass Compass Combo

A fitting 18-year anniversary gift idea is this stunning sand timer and compass display piece. The sand timer represents the passing of time and the compass ensures the couple is moving in the right direction. This gift is perfect for celebrating time and direction

33. 1/4 Carat Diamond and 1/3 Carat Red Ruby Anniversary Ring for Her

 Diamond and Red Ruby Anniversary Ring for Her

Show the love of your life that you’d marry her all over again with this elegant 14k rose gold ring. A band like this is a meaningful gift and a fabulous way to commemorate 18 years together.

34. Gin & Grace 14k Yellow Gold White Diamond Pendant

Gin & Grace 14k Yellow Gold White Diamond Pendant

A truly beautiful way to commemorate 18 years together is with this stunning 14k gold and diamond pendant. Designed by the Smithsonian, the pendant is shaped like two leaves and is a gorgeous reminder of a life shared together.

35. HOUKAI Wooden Music Box

Cute Wooden Music Box made from sustainable wood

This beautifully crafted wooden music box features a cute couple enjoying a drink together. The anniversary couple can look back on their years together while listening to the fanciful tune this music box plays. It’s made from sustainable wood and uses non-toxic paint.

36. Abstract Couple Statue

Abstract Couple Romantic Pose Statue

An interesting way to celebrate an anniversary is with this abstract statue showing that love lasts forever. It features a couple in a romantic pose and looks great on a shelf, end table, or bookcase. It’s constructed of alloy and marble and makes a great statement piece.

37. 18th Year Anniversary Keepsake

Customized Ultra Thick Crystal

Made from ultra-clear thick crystal, this display piece can be customized with any name and anniversary date. You can add your own personalized message, too, for a one-of-a-kind gift. It comes in an elegant display box.

38. 18-Year Anniversary Mugs

18-Year Anniversary Matching Mugs

These 14-ounce matching mugs come complete with lids for steeping the perfect cups of tea. There’s a humorous statement on each expressing after 18 years of marriage who’s right and who’s always right. The set comes with two golden spoons.

39. Anniversary Rose for Her

Anniversary Rose covered in 25k gold for Her

Each real rose petal has been coated with resin and gold-plated for everlasting life. This rose will never wilt and represents undying love. Its stem is covered in 25k gold. As a truly unique gift, this anniversary rose will remind her how much love the two of you share.

40. Dazzlingrock Collection Anniversary Ring for Him

Dazzling rock Collection Anniversary Ring for Him

Show the man of your life that the last 18 years have been fabulous with his anniversary 1.5k black diamond ring. This incredibly masculine band features natural black diamonds, a true rarity. It has just the right mix of sparkle and style.

41. Nixplay 10.1-inch Smart Digital Photo Frame

Smart Digital Photo Frame WiFi Compatible

Upgrade your shelves with this digital photo frame. The happy couple can display any photo they like and swap between their favorite memories instantly. It’s Wi-Fi compatible and allows users to share photos and videos.

42. Lovebox Love Note Messenger

Love box Love Note Messenger

This “love note” messenger is a fun gift for spouses celebrating 18 years of marriage. This cute little box with a heart on it has a screen that can display messages and vibrates for incoming bundles of joy. It connects to the internet and can receive messages from an easy-to-use app for convenience.

43. Scratch-Off Adventures and Date Night Game

Scratch Off Adventures and Date Night Game

Keeping “date night” fun and exciting after 18 years of marriage could prove difficult, but not with this couple’s game. The game helps you choose fun couple’s activities and the supplied scrapbook contains places to post photos of your adventures.

44. Long Distance Touch Bracelets

Long Distance Touch Matching Bracelets

A fun anniversary gift is these matching bracelets. Let your loved one know you’re thinking about them by sending a signal from your bracelet to theirs. When you touch yours, it’ll send a vibration to theirs, letting your love know that you’re thinking about them.

45. Matashi 24k Gold Plated Loving Swans Clock

24k Gold Plated Loving Swans Clock

A symbol of undying love, this beautiful clock features two swans and a timepiece. This 18-year anniversary gift idea is unique with its art deco look.

46. Personalized 3D Holographic Photo

Personalized 3D Crystal Holographic Photo

Choose the perfect anniversary photo and have it magically transformed into a 3D holographic image. The crystal can be engraved with an anniversary message. This is truly a one-of-a-kind gift. It comes complete with an LED wooden base.

47. Waterford Love Flutes

These 5-ounce clear crystal champagne flutes give off elegance and class. Perfect for an anniversary toast, each one in the pair has a loving heart etched into its design. Buy them for an 18th year anniversary and use them for future special events.

48. Personalized Laser Engraved Anniversary Crystal Table Clock

Personalized Laser Engraved Anniversary Crystal Table Clock

Have your favorite wedding or anniversary couple’s photo laser engraved on this crystal table clock. It can be engraved with the couple’s names or anniversary dates. It’s a functional gift for a couple. The glass block is approximately 17 inches high.

49. Engraved Wooden Cutting Board

Engraved Wooden Cutting Board

This cutting board is made from high-quality oak and walnut. The anniversary couple’s name can be engraved along with a short personal message or the anniversary date. This gift is a one-of-a-kind board that’s not only sentimental but also functional.

50. 18th Anniversary Engraved Ceramic Tile

18th Anniversary Engraved Ceramic Tile

A beautiful 12 x 12-inch ceramic tile is a beautiful keepsake for an 18-year anniversary. It has a high gloss finish with “18th Anniversary” etched on its center. This tile is great for a kitchen backsplash or displayed on its own as a decorative piece.

Worst Gift Ideas

Worst 18-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas to Make It Special

When it comes to 18-year anniversary gift ideas, there are only a few gift types that you should avoid. Although many think that cash is king, giving it as an anniversary gift shows a lack of creativity and thought. Other gift ideas to avoid include scratch-off lottery tickets and gift cards.

Traditional Gifts for 18-Year Anniversary

The traditional gift for an 18-year wedding anniversary is anything that’s porcelain. The idea behind this is that porcelain comes from humble beginnings (clay) and once heated at extremely high temperatures becomes strong and a thing of beauty. The high temperatures to create porcelain can be looked at as “walking through fire” or getting through the tough times together. Blue is the color of an 18-year anniversary and its gemstone is a cat’s eye.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

If you’re having difficulties selecting the perfect gift for the couple that’s lasted 18 years, we’re here to help. Our expert shoppers can guide you to many different gifts that are perfect for this occasion. Please fill out the form below and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.

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Mariae West
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The kissing mug set is so CUTE!

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The items are really cute!

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The Wooden Music Box is very very cute!

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Kaye Rodriguez
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I like the Wooden Music Box

Robert Brown
Robert Brown
1 year ago

it’s been 18 years of love and romance next month with my wife, thanks to this site I already had an idea of what to give to her for our 18th year anniversary, it is not that fancy but I know she is going to love it!.

Camila Kelly
Camila Kelly
1 year ago

You can make a difference, especially by giving her one of the items in this article, this article is worth reading, you learned things that you haven’t.

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