Top 30 Toddler Birthday Pajamas

by Craig

There are choices when you’re picking out birthday pajamas for your little one. They come in different styles, fabrics, sizes, and designs, so there’s something for everyone. I’ve looked at many options and listed the top 30 birthday pajama sets for toddlers. Each is picked carefully to be comfy, stylish, and fun for your child’s special day. Now all you have to do is check out my collection and choose the one that will make your toddler happy.

1. Hatley Toddler Birthday Pajamas

Toddler Girls Long Sleeve Printed Pajama Cotton

Printed pajamas are fun for kids. They love to have drawings they recognize in on clothing. These Hatley pajamas are made with snug-fitting, 100% organic cotton. The set has an adorable selection of prints and colors, like cupcakes, cute pups, thumping bunnies, and more.

2. Carter’s Simple Joys 3 Pack

Carters Toddler Girls Pajamas Footed Zipper 3 Pack

Footed PJs will keep your toddler comfortable through the night. They are snug fit with a zipper closure. This is convenient if you have an independent toddler who likes to get dressed alone. Carter’s Simple Joys come in a three-pack and are available in various color combinations.

3. Carter’s Simple Joys 6-Piece

Simple Joys Toddlers Cotton Pajama Set 6 Piece

With  Carter’s Simple Joys 6-piece pajama set, your toddler can mix and match their favorite sleepwear style. This pajama set includes one long-sleeve top, two short-sleeved tops, two pairs of pants, and one pair of shorts. They come in different styles and colors that are perfect for your favorite toddler’s birthday.

4. Carter’s Simple Joys Loose-Fit

Carters Toddlers Pajamas 3 Pack Loose Fit Flame Resistant

Carter’s is well-known for providing quality children’s clothing, and their selection of toddler birthday pajamas is no different. These loose-fit Simple Joys footed pajamas are perfect for active toddlers who prefer a little room when they play. The sleepwear is also flame-resistant and free of chemical treatments for added safety.

5. Amazon Essentials Unisex

Unisex Toddlers Pajama Sleepwear Sets

Amazon Essentials unisex pajamas take users’ feedback seriously to fine-tune every detail. These pajama sets are snug-fitting and made of the softest cotton to ensure that every piece fits comfortably. Choose from various colors and prints to delight your birthday boy or girl.

6. Carter’s Simple Joys 4-Piece

Carters Girls Toddlers Warm 4 Piece Pajama Set

Simple Joys 4-Piece combines the comfort of cotton and fleece with playful, vibrant prints. They have a pull-on closure for easy dressing and come in delightful pairs, so your birthday girl gets two new PJs for sleep time. The top is snug-fitting, and the bottoms are flame-resistant, but they’re both machine-washable for easy cleanup.

7. Burt’s Bees 2-Piece Toddler Birthday Pajamas

Burts Bees Toddler Boys PJ Pajamas Organic Cotton

These Burt’s Bees 2-piece pajama sets are 100% organic cotton. They not only feel great against your toddler’s skin, but the material is also earth-friendly. With a pull-on design and ribbed cuffs at the wrists and ankles, this set will be easy to put on and keep your child warm through the night.

8. The Children’s Place Pajama Set

Childrens Place 3 Pack Toddler Girls Long Sleeve Pajamas

The Children’s Place pajama set is a great choice for picky toddlers. This snug-fit PJ set may become your toddler’s new favorite with its 100% cotton material and bright and playful prints. Choose from a single set, 2-pack, or 3-pack for those who like to have extras on hand.

9. Avauma Toddler Birthday Pajama Sets

AVAUMA Pajama Set Toddler Cotton PJs

For those looking for a simple yet comfortable pajama set, the Avauma pajama set for toddlers may be just what you need. These 95% cotton and 5% spandex blend snug-fitting pajamas come in various patterns and colors, from stripes and checkers to characters and floral.

10. Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson

Moon and Back Toddlers Unisex 2 Piece Pajama Set

Whether you’re in the midst of the winter season or your toddler just loves holiday-themed sleepwear, this Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson unisex 2-piece pajama set is a comfy option. These 100% cotton snug-fit pajamas have smooth flatlock seams that will prevent them from hiking up during the night.

11. Avauma Basic Cotton Toddler Birthday Sleepwear

AVAUMA Toddler Pajama Set Snug Cotton Sleepwear Pjs

Not all toddler birthday pajamas need to be flashy. For toddlers that are picky about having “things” on their PJs, the Avauma basic cotton sleepwear is perfect. These pajamas are 95% cotton and 5% spandex, so they’re soft and breathable yet maintain their snug fit. Choose from a variety of colors that are perfect for everyday wear.

12. Avauma Ribbed Sleepwear

AVAUMA Pajama Toddler Snug fit Ribbed Sleepwear Pjs

Ribbed designs may seem a little adult for toddler clothes, but your little one is bound to fall in love with the trendy colors available for these Avauma ribbed pajamas. If your toddler is not a fan of prints or you want to stay on the safe side, these PJs come in various colors, including black, lime, purple, and yellow.

13. Sonic the Hedgehog Sleepwear

Sonic The Hedgehog Toddler PJs Button Front Pajama

If your toddler (or you) are a fan of classic video games, you may get a kick out of seeing your child in this Sega Sonic pajama set. It’s a 2-piece set with a coat-style button top and elastic waist pants. This product is officially licensed by Sega and is flame resistant. These loose-fitting microfiber pajamas will keep your toddler cozy when bedtime rolls around.

14. Iron Man Toddler Birthday Pajamas

Iron Man Pajamas Sleepwear for Toddler Birthday PJS

Your toddler will feel like a superhero when it gets time for bed with these Iron Man-themed toddler birthday pajamas. Made of 100% cotton, they are snug-fitting, soft, and comfortable. And if it becomes your child’s favorite, you’re in luck. It’s machine washable so that your little superhero can wear them again and again.

15. Superhero Toddler Birthday PJs

Spiderman Superhero Toddler Birthday Pajamas Sleepwear Set

If your toddler loves superheroes, they will love these Superhero 2-piece pajama sets. Your child can battle enemies and save the world in the comfort of 100% cotton snug-fitting sleepwear. Choose from Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man, or Iron Man-themed prints and make your child’s birthday extra special.

16. Carter’s Simple Joys 3-Piece Pajama Set

Carters Toddler Valentines Pajama Girls 3 Piece Set

Whether your child’s favorite color is red or they love heart-themed clothing, this Carter’s Simple Joys pajama set is a great choice for toddler birthday pajamas. The snug-fitting set is made of 100% cotton that feels soft against the skin. Every set includes one pair of long pants and two matching long-sleeved tops with different prints to mix and match.

17. The Children’s Place Long Sleeve Top and Pants Pajama Set

Pink Buttery Flower Toddler Girls Pajamas Pjs Set

The Children’s Place pajama sets are specially designed to keep your toddler warm during the night. The long-sleeved top and pants sets are made with the comfiest 100% cotton. They come in various lively prints with stars, animals, and flowers. Your toddler will love these pajama sets so much she will not want to take them off.

18. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol 5-Piece Pajama Set

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Boys Toddler Birthday Pajamas Set

If you’re looking for a pajama set inspired by a trending cartoon, your toddler will love these officially licensed Nickelodeon Paw Patrol pajama sets. This 5-piece set is 100% polyester and loose-fit for greater comfort. Every set includes two long pants, one short, one long sleeve t-shirt, and a t-shirt featuring graphics of your toddler’s favorite Paw Patrol characters.

19. Blippi 2-Piece Sleepwear

Blippi 2 Piece Sleepwear Toddler Birthday Pajamas Costume

If your toddler is fascinated with Blippi’s show, be ready for sleep routines full of fun and imagination. Made of 100% cotton, Blippi’s 2- piece sleepwear looks exactly like Blippi’s costume up to his cute little hat, which your toddler will look adorable wearing. These pajama sets are easy to care for and machine washable. Keeping tumble dry at a minimum is recommended to keep them looking as good as new after every wash.

20. Carter’s Simple Joys 4-Piece Set

Toddlers 4-Piece Pajama Set Cotton And Fleece

The Carter’s Simple Joys PJ set are designed with your toddler’s comfort in mind. These toddler birthday pajamas have 100% cotton tops and fleece bottoms, although only the bottoms are flame-resistant. These pajamas feature fun prints of dinosaurs, monsters, cars, and dragons to spark your child’s imagination.

21. Gerber Unisex Toddler Birthday Pajamas

Gerber Unisex Toddler Pajamas Shirt and Pants Set

What makes these Gerber unisex pajamas extra special is its fabric, eucalyptus viscose, a fiber that is environmentally friendly and sustainably produced. The material is exceptionally soft, lightweight, and breathable, with a variety of colorful pattern options. The snug fit keeps your child safe, while the cuffed legs help keep the legs from riding up during sleep.

22. Despicable Me Minions Pajamas

Despicable Me Minions Pajamas Boy Toddlers Pjs

These Despicable Me pajamas are perfect for warmer temperatures. Every set contains a pair of shorts and a T-shirt with a Minions character printed on them. They are a 100% polyester blend which feels super soft against the skin. These officially licensed PJs are the perfect gift for older toddlers who just can’t get enough of Gru and his Minions.

23. Harry Potter Toddler Birthday Pajamas

Harry Potter Pajamas Boys Sleepwear Set Gryffindor

Your little one may not be planning to enroll in Hogwarts just yet, but these Harry Potter toddler birthday pajamas are perfect for all those little wizards in the making. Choose between four house logos and let your little fan’s love for the series shine. The long-sleeved shirt and trousers are 100% polyester.

24. Disney Toy Story Pajamas With Book

Pajama Set Disney Toy Story Toddlers Pjs With Book

If your toddler loves Buzz Lightyear and Woody, these Disney Toy Story pajamas may be just perfect for them. This 100% cotton, snug-fit 2-piece set includes a pair of printed footless pants and a short sleeve t-shirt. The set even comes with a 24-page book featuring the famous duo, just right for storytime.

25. Mud Pie Rainbow Toddler Birthday Pajama Set

The Mud Pie rainbow pajama set includes a long-sleeved top and pants with rainbows printed all over, perfect for toddlers fascinated by rainbows. These sets are made of a 95% cotton and 5% spandex blend, snug fitting and comfortable for bedtime. They feature mustard-colored hems and a wood button placket in the front.

26. Marvel’s The Avengers 6-Piece PJ Set

Marvel Boys Pajamas The Avengers 6-Piece Set

These officially licensed Marvel pajamas will provide you with one set for every season. With them, your toddler can showcase their love for these beloved defenders every night. Every set is 100% cotton and includes two long pants, one long-sleeved shirt, and two t-shirts. The easy-on, easy-off design will make dressing for bed a snap.

27. The Children’s Place Celebrate Learning Pajamas

The Childrens Place Celebrate Learning Pajamas

These Children’s Place pajamas are a great choice for your learning superstar. It’s a 2-piece snug-fitting PJ set with sleep pants and a long-sleeved top. These 100% cotton jammies come in different prints, from learning blocks and numbers to astronauts and animals. Celebrate your toddler’s curiosity with a pajama set that reflects their passion.

28. Dr. Seuss 3-Piece Pajama Set

Dr Seuss Toddler 3 Piece Pajama Set

If your toddler can’t get enough of the rhyming genius of Dr. Seuss, they can showcase that love with these Dr. Seuss-themed pajamas. These officially-licensed PJs are a great addition to bedtime. This cotton-poly blend 3-piece set includes shorts, a t-shirt, and long pants. Choose between vibrant Thing One and Thing Two or Green Eggs and Ham designs.

29. Carter’s Simple Joys Fleece Footed Pajamas

Carters Toddlers Flame Resistant Fleece Footed Pajamas 3 Pack

These Carter’s Simple Joys fleece footed pajamas for toddlers are a lively addition to your child’s bedtime routine. These 100% cotton pajamas are loose-fit and flame resistant. They have a zipper closure which makes them easy to put on. The pajamas feature enticing prints like animals, cars, and even breakfast foods.

30. Marvel Boys’ 2-Piece Toddler Birthday Pajamas

Marvel Pajamas The Avengers Spidey His Amazing Friends

For fans of superheroes, these officially-licensed Marvel pajamas may be the one for you. The loose-fitting set is 100% polyester, and 100% hypoallergenic PJs are naturally flame resistant for added safety. They’re also comfy enough for bedtime or playtime. Choose from three Spider-Man-themed graphics or an Avengers design.

Worst Ideas

Although there are various ideas for toddler birthday pajamas, for safety reasons, pajamas have to be snug-fitting or flame resistant. Any PJs that are not either snug-fit or flame resistant should get a hard pass.

In addition, pajamas with 3D characters made of fabric on the front may look super fun, but they are not so comfortable for sleep. The extra layers of material will provide extra warmth in some areas while making the fabric less lightweight.

Remember to keep the toddler’s likes or dislikes in mind when choosing the perfect sleepwear. That includes possible characters they’ve expressed an interest in, colors they adore wearing, or designs that captivate them. One of the worst things you can do is buy pajamas following a trend or stereotype without first consulting the child (or their parents) about their likes and dislikes.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

When it is time to purchase toddler birthday pajamas, do not hesitate to look for an expert shopper to assist you. They have vast experience in clothing for babies and toddlers and will be qualified to provide you with professional advice on the ideal gift. Fill out the form below to get started on your gift-giving adventure today.

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Brenda Miller
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They will be going crazy for these pajamas, I will give each one of them, Lol!

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Very nice and cute pajamas for toddlers! great article!

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