Traditional and Modern 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

by Jessa

Traditionally, fruits and flowers are the standard 4 year anniversary gift ideas, as they signify a marriage that gets sweeter as time passes. However, there are other gift ideas that will last even longer that you can also find below on our list. 

1. Hydroponic Superfood Growing Kit

Hydroponic Superfood Growing Kit help Plant Grow Quickly

Made by ingarden, this garden growing kit uses hydroponics to help microgreens like radish, broccoli, and mustard to grow quickly. The kit is made to be environmentally friendly and use energy efficiently, to permit the plants will grow within a week and be ready for consumption. 

2. Limoncello Sorrento

Tasty Limoncello Sorrento with Gift Box

This ceramic jar made in Italy contains tasty limoncello from Sorrento, and each jar is different from the others. After drinking all the tasty lemon liquor, you can always reuse the jar for other liquids. The bottle comes in an elegant gift box to surprise your loved one.  

3. Scent Diffuser

Scent Diffuser can be Controlled Via an App

This scent diffuser from DIFFMELY can distribute the fragrance of essential oils up to 5,300 square feet all week. The device can be controlled via an app or front controls. It doesn’t make much noise during operation and is a great way to make the house smell amazing. 

4. Preserved Rose and Necklaces

Preserved Purple Rose and Necklaces in Neat Box

NEWNOVE preserved a purple rose and encased it in a neat box that will keep the flower beautiful forever. There’s also a complementary butterfly necklace made of purple Austria crystal and hypoallergenic materials. This is truly one of the most beautiful 4 year anniversary gift ideas. 

5. Tiered Fruit Basket

Three Tiered Fruit Basket made with Acacia Wood

This three-tiered fruit basket is made of acacia wood, a material you’ll appreciate for its durability and warp resistance. With three tiers, you can easily separate fruits into types and also use them to hold other objects for the kitchen. It only takes soapy water and a cloth to clean. 

6. Gold Pearl Necklace

18K Gold Necklace with Pearl Pendant

This 14K rose gold necklace has an 18K gold pendant that holds a freshwater pearl. It doesn’t contain nickel, which can trigger allergies for some wearers. The cream-white pearl shines brightly under light and will surely impress your loved one. It’s an excellent gift for your fourth anniversary.

7. Crystal Apple

Engraved Crystal Apple made with Recycled Materials

This engraved crystal apple isn’t meant to be eaten, of course, but the text will surely remind couples of the ripeness of their fourth anniversary. It can function as a paperweight or be displayed on a shelf or kitchen counter. The packaging itself is made of recycled materials. 

8. Bear Figurines

Fancy Wooden Brown Bear Figurines

These wooden brown bear figurines are the perfect fancy gift for your loved ones. The wooden parts are crafted beautifully and are carefully selected to provide clear contrast. It’ll last many years because it won’t crack or deform if handled with care. 

9. Gold Nugget Ring

Sterling Silver Ring with Gold Nugget

This sterling silver ring is covered in real tiny gold nuggets obtained in Alaska, and these gold pieces are mounted onto the ring without treatment. The band is designed for men who love the outdoors and want to use it to honor their marriage’s fourth year. 

10. Whiskey Set

Glass Whiskey Set for Relaxing Night Together

This wooden box contains a glass whiskey set for calm and relaxing nights together. The crystal glasses and decanter are all high-quality pieces made to last. When done drinking, wash the glasses by hand to preserve the set’s beauty. 

11. Aromatic Candle

Large Aromatic Candle with Different Fragrances

This large aromatic candle from Votivo has many different fragrances to choose from, and the 6.8 ounces of expertly treated soy wax will last a long time. This candle burns evenly to ensure longevity and a balanced fragrance. The best part is there are no harmful substances in the wax.

12. Floral Tie

Floral Tie made with 100% Cotton

A floral tie like this one from DAZI can be one way to celebrate a traditional fourth anniversary. This skinny tie is made of 100% cotton, a high-quality material that will last for years. It’s best to dry clean it as other methods can cause damage to the fabric. 

13. AirPods Pro 

Apple Airpods works with all Apple Device

This pair of Apple AirPods are 2nd-generation devices that are designed to work with all Apple devices. They have active noise canceling and adaptive transparency features to keep you immersed in the music yet also aware of your surroundings. The buds even track head movement to help you keep alert. 

14. Coffee Grinder

Enjoy Warm Cup of Coffee with OXO Coffee Grinder

This OXO coffee grinder makes enough so both of you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee any time. With 38 settings to choose from, you can get the perfect coarseness from your beans for a delicious brew. The stainless steel burrs will ensure you have uniform grounds. 

15. Ninja Ice Cream Maker

Cream Maker for your Cold Foods and Drinks

This Ninja ice cream maker makes ice cream, sorbets, and many other tasty cold foods and drinks. There are one-touch programs to easily make whatever treat you fancy, and the included cookbook contains 30 recipes. Get one now to exercise your creativity along with your loved one. 

16. Crockpot

Prepare Hot Meal Every Time with Crockpot

Few things are better than enjoying a filling hot meal prepared with a crockpot. This one has an eight-quart capacity and can easily be cleaned after use. The package also contains a recipe book to help you plan your next meals. 

17. Silk Scarf

Breathable and Smooth Mulberry Silk Scarf

This imported mulberry silk scarf measures 35 x 35 inches in length and is comfortable to wear. Silk is breathable and smooth but doesn’t harm the environment, unlike some materials. Wear the scarf all year round as it can provide you with warmth or coolness depending on the seasons. 

18. Silk Pillowcase

Smooth and Premium Feel Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase provides a smooth and premium feel when you rest your head on it. Even during hot evenings, the pillow remains cool to the touch and doesn’t cause messy hair. Naturally hypoallergenic, silk is an excellent fabric for anyone. 

19. Letter Opener

Handcrafted Letter Opener with Ergonomic Handle

This handcrafted letter opener is with ergonomic handle can help you comfortably to grip and use them, meet your open needs and bring convenience to your daily life and work. Envelope slitter is designed with a round handle and pointed tip, which can be easily inserted into the envelope, The blade is not sharp by design for safety purpose.

20. Damascus Chef Knife

Damascus Chef Knife Made by Hajegato’s expert craftsmen

Dazzle your loved one and guests with this Damascus chef knife. Made by Hajegato’s expert craftsmen, the steel blade holds its edge beautifully. You get a randomly-selected handle on each purchase, adding an element of surprise when you open the box.   

21. Flower: Exploring the World in Bloom

Exploring World in Bloom by The Flower Book

Some people love flowers, and this book by Giovanni Aloi will give you a visual lesson in how flowers can be arranged and how they have been used historically. It was even selected for Wall Street Journal’s 2020 Gift Guide Selection. Many reviewers have positive words for this beautiful work. 

22. Blue Topaz Pendant

Blue Natural Topaz Stone and 14k White Gold

Blue topaz is the traditional gemstone for the fourth anniversary, and this pendant has a 1.01 CTTW natural topaz stone. The pendant is made of 14K white gold, while the chain is 925 sterling silver. The chain is adjustable to fit any lovely lady. 

23. Strawberry Hoodie Blanket

Be Comfy and Warm with Strawberry Hoodie Blanket

This oversized strawberry hoodie will keep the wearer comfy and warm at home. The flannel and fleece are all cruelty-free and durable, providing a constant soft embrace. Its extra-large pockets can also hold all sorts of objects, such as smartphones, remote controls, and other handy devices. 

24. Sleeveless Dress

Feel Comfortable and Flexible with Vintage Sleeveless Dress

Belle Poque’s vintage sleeveless dress is made of 95% polyester and 5% Spandex for comfort and flexibility. This dress has a strawberry theme that works for any occasion. It has a hidden zipper that keeps the dress securely fastened without marring the overall look. 

25. Summer Rose Tapestry Kit

Summer Rose Tapestry Kit with 12 colors

This summer rose tapestry kit will provide hours of enjoyable crafting fun, and your effort will yield a beautiful tapestry that shows the blooming summer roses. The beads are high-quality Czech beads that come in 12 colors. You also get threads and a needle to complete the set. 

26. Japanese Knife and Saw Set

Knife and Saw Set made with Carbon Steel

This knife and saw set is made of high-quality Japanese carbon steel. The knife is a suitable alternative to a hatchet and can be used for outdoor camping or gardening. The pruning saw is perfect for maintaining a tree’s branches as needed.

27. Gardening Knife

Gardening Knife Designed for all Gardening Needs

Made by Amdokan88, this Hori gardening knife is designed for all your gardening needs. It has a ruler to measure branches and other objects. The full tang blade is sharp on one edge, while the other is fully serrated to help with demanding jobs. 

28. Weed Puller

Weed Puller made with Stainless Steel

The days of bending down to remove weeds are over when you have this weed puller. It’s made of stainless steel and lets users stand while grabbing unwanted weeds for disposal. There’s a metal pedal that drives the tines deeper for complete weed root removal. 

29. Gardening Tools Set

Gardening Tools Set Contain 14 Different Tools

Gardening is a wonderful pastime, and it can be even better with this gardening tools set. The box contains 14 different tools to help make any home look beautiful. The stainless steel keeps everything from rusting, a plus since you’ll likely get the tools wet while tending to your garden.  

30. Bonsai Scissors

Pruning Bonsai with this Bonsai Scissors

Pruning bonsai is a challenging task without these specialized bonsai scissors. They’re hand-forged in Japan by talented artisans using premium iron and steel. You can also use them for other general gardening work, and the Japanese craftsmanship makes them last a lifetime.

31. Pocket Herb Garden

Grow Herbs in Confined Spaces using Pocket Herb Garden

It’s possible to grow herbs even in confined spaces, as this pocket herb garden proves. This wooden table can hold up to eight different herbs and has been treated to be food-safe. Start planting your herbs today and save money. 

32. Stainless Steel Charging Cable

Stainless Steel Charging Cable for iphone

Families living with pets who love chewing cables should consider this stainless steel charging cable. It’s made for iPhones and will endure all manner of animal bites. The package contains two cables that can stand up to even the most aggressive pets. 

33. Bird Feeder

Cast Iron Bird Feeder can also be used as Flower Pot

This cast iron bird feeder is treated to look like an antique piece. It’s made in the shape of a rabbit holding a flower pot. While it’s designed to be a bird feeder, you can also fit a small plant inside. 

34. Garden Gnomes

Paint it yourself Garden Gnomes Decorations

Unlike your typical garden gnome, this gnome family is a paint-it-yourself garden decoration. You can use acrylic paints or ceramic glazes to color this stack of happy gnomes since they’re made of ceramic. Because of its DIY feature, it’s bound to be a conversation starter. 

35. Rain Chain

Rain Chain emits when the rain starts pouring

Enjoy the sound this rain chain emits when the rain starts pouring. Attaching this copper chain to the gutter will improve your home’s curb appeal too. This chain measures 8.5 feet and is made in Japan. 

36. Floral Incense

Burn some Floral Incense Best way to relax

Burning some flowery scents in a room is one of the best ways to relax after a long day of work. This set of Japanese premium incense sticks comes with a ceramic holder to prevent unwanted accidents. There are 30 sticks in total, 10 for each fragrance. 

37. Keepsake Box

Keepsake Box with Quote and Floral Carvings

This keepsake box has a quote from Lord Alfred Tennyson that is surrounded by floral carvings. It’s meant to be a display piece that holds precious belongings. You can even have the seller engrave special text on it to help it stand out even more.

38. Gold Rose

12 inches Rose Dipped In 24k Gold

This package contains a real rose dipped in 24K gold, the purest coating of the precious metal available in the industry. The flower is 12 inches long and can be displayed in any suitable vase. The amount of detail provided by the coating process is mesmerizing. 

39. Fruit Wine Press

Home wine making is a great hobby with many fans, and this food-grade fruit wine press lets owners indulge in their hobby and make tasty fruit wine. Cut the fruit into small pieces and let the press extract all the precious liquid. It’s easy to operate and clean after use. 

40. Fruit Holder

This Fruit Holder is made with Stainless Steel

This stainless steel fruit holder is designed by Mario Trimarchi. The steel pieces are covered in a white coating to set the basket apart from standard holders. Keep it in the kitchen to add a decorative touch to that area of the home. 

41. Rose Incense

These packs of Parimal pure rose incense sticks will bring anyone moments of relaxation and mental clarity. Each pack contains 28 sticks, which is enough to help you reduce stress for quite some time.

42. Paring Knife

Paring Knife has 68 layers of Steel

Your average cutting tool can’t compare to this Shun Cutlery paring knife. This Damascus knife has 68 layers of steel and won’t rust even after extended use. The pakkawood handle helps users grasp it firmly when slicing fruit or other foods. 

43. Linen Sheets

Breathable Linen Sheets made in Belgium

There will only be comfortable nights when your bed is covered with these linen sheets made in Belgium. Linen is a breathable fabric that doesn’t absorb much moisture, making it an excellent material even during warmer parts of the year. Better yet, the colors won’t fade even after prolonged use.  

44. Coffee Maker

Make strong cups of Espresso with Coffee Maker

This Calphalon coffee maker will make strong cups of espresso to help both of you get that needed jolt of energy. It delivers precise pressure to extract the potent contents from fine espresso grounds. There’s also a wand for frothing milk. 

45. Ninja Blender

Ninja Blender has a 72 ounce Capacity

This Ninja blender doubles as a food processor, turning even tough ice into crystals for smoothies and solid food ingredients into spreadable treats. It has a large 72-ounce capacity, perfect for making large batches of delicious beverages. The package includes a recipe book to help you find some inspiration. 

46. Aeropress 

Aeropress for unique Coffee Maker

That coffee snob you love just might be waiting for this Aeropress to grace their lives. This unique coffee maker can make delicious beverages using its proprietary system. Bring it along for trips and never miss that enjoyable daily morning ritual. 

47. Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers

Encyclopedia of 8000 species of Plants and Flowers

This comprehensive book by Christopher Brickell will satisfy any gardening fanatic with its 4,000 pictures of plants and flowers. Readers will enjoy learning about 8,000 plant species and their optimum growing conditions. It even has input from expert horticulturists. 

48. Eurita Clay Pot

Eurita Clay Pot made from Natural Clay

This all-natural Eurita clay pot is made of natural clay that contains no harmful or toxic substances. Soak the lid before cooking to help it retain moisture that, in turn, uses the heat from your oven to steam food to perfection. The pot comes with a recipe guide containing 50 different dishes you can make with this vessel. 

49. Terracotta Planter

Terracotta Planter is Made from All Natural Terrecotta

Made of all-natural terracotta, this planter measures 5.25 x 5.25 x 5 inches, allowing it to hold a decent-sized plant anywhere around the home. It can also serve as a decorative piece in an inner courtyard. Using traditional methods, Indian artisans have created a beautiful and unique product. 

50. Floral Dinnerware Set

Floral Dinnerware Set made of Melamine Dishwasher safe

This 12-piece floral dinnerware set has everything needed for a hearty meal with your loved one, plus any visitors. It’s made of melamine, and the dinnerware is all dishwasher-safe. When not in use, everything stacks into a pile for easy organization. 

Worst Ideas

Worst Traditional and Modern Gifts

While traditional 4 year anniversary gift ideas tend to be floral or based on fruit, modern anniversary gifts now generally consist of home appliances since they’re practical and can still be a romantic gesture, especially if the device suits your loved one’s needs. But the worst anniversary gift idea will be one that is insincere, unwanted, and shows little thought.

Generally, there are many ideas to choose from, and combining traditional and new ideas can be a pleasant surprise. Just don’t buy cheap gifts, and you should be in the clear. 

Talk to an Expert Shopper

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

If you are still unsure what to buy for that special someone for your fourth anniversary, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. An expert shopper will help you pick the perfect present for them.

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Amanda Williams
Amanda Williams
1 year ago

My husband will surely like the japanese Knife and Saw Set.:)

Jack Hall
Jack Hall
1 year ago

Pocket Herb Garden is the perfect gift for my wife!

Michael Di
Michael Di
1 year ago

Genuine article

Andrew Parker
Andrew Parker
1 year ago

Wifey is a fruit lover, She will surely love the Tiered Fruit Basket. TY

Jake White
Jake White
1 year ago

How did you come up with these kind of ideas?

Terrence Wells
Terrence Wells
1 year ago

traditional and modern gift ideas? lol love it!.

Jayden Murray
Jayden Murray
1 year ago

This traditional and modern gift idea is great, not only for a 4th, 10th, or even a 50th anniversary but for me, it is for any time, not just anniversaries. thanks

Jasper Dube
Jasper Dube
1 year ago

I like the idea of these traditional and modern gifts, and the items are cool too!

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