Top Gift Ideas of Train Gifts for Adults

by Craig

If you’re looking for that perfect gift for an adult who loves trains, you’ve come to the right place. Here I have 50 of the most unique train gifts for adults, from real-life locomotive engines to funny t-shirts that will make any train enthusiast smile.

1. Mexican Train Dominoes Board Game

Mexican Train Dominoes Tile Board Game Gift Set

Mexican Train Dominoes is a classic domino game that will provide hours of fun. Players use their dominoes to build off a set “train track,” competing to be the first out of tiles while also attempting to block other players. This set comes with all the essential pieces, including an aluminum storage case, 91 dominoes, 9 trains, and a scorepad.

2. ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle for Adults-Mechanical Train Model Kits 

3D Wooden Puzzle Train Model Gift For Adults

For those who are looking for something a bit more hands-on, the ROKR 3D wooden puzzle offers just that. This kit includes all the parts necessary to create an impressive mechanical model train complete with moving wheels and a detachable carriage.

3. Train Trivia: Fun Trivia Questions

Train Trivia Trains Railroad Themed Questions  Answers Book

Test their knowledge with this Train Trivia book that features 144 pages of train-related questions, ranging from historic events to technological advances in rail transportation. With multiple-choice answers provided for each question, readers can easily brush up on their knowledge before heading off on their next train adventure.

4. Steam Train Blankets

Steam Train Blankets Soft Flannel Fleece Throw Blanket

Keep warm while dreaming of locomotives with the cozy Steam Train blankets featuring an iconic steam engine design. Crafted from 100% flannel fleece material, it’s perfect for snuggling up on cold nights or as a decorative piece in any home décor featuring vintage train motifs.

5. Veronese Design Steam Locomotive Engine

Veronese Design Steam Locomotive Engine Antique Bronze Finish

The Veronese locomotive engine antique is an exquisite replica of a locomotive engine made from high-quality resin for a durable and beautiful antique finish. Intricate details capture the look and feel of the original steam train engine.

6. Arts Language Flannel Fleece Throw Blanket

Flannel Fleece Throw Blanket With Old Steam Train

Stay warm and cozy while dreaming of faraway destinations with the Arts Language flannel fleece throw blanket. This luxurious blanket is filled with vibrant colors and features a steam train winding through a lush landscape. It’s one of the most stylish train gifts for adults who love to take in the scenery during their rail travels.

7. Top Fashion Watches Vintage Bronze Steam Train

Quartz Pocket Watch Vintage Bronze Steam Train Gifts

Show off your love for trains with the Top Fashion vintage bronze pocket watch that comes with a detailed steam train cover. Crafted from a high-grade metallic alloy, it has a unique design that makes it stand out from any other timepiece on the market.

8. Who Tooted Funny Railroad Conductor T-Shirt

Who Tooted Funny Train Lover T-Shirt Gifts

Bring some chuckles into your loved one’s wardrobe with the Who Tooted conductor t-shirt featuring a playful “who tooted” slogan across the front. It’s a good match for any casual occasion, making it one of the best train gifts for adults looking for a unique, humorous shirt.

9. Trains: The World’s Most Scenic Routes

Trains The Worlds Most Scenic Routes Book 1640306528

For those who love exploring beautiful places by rail, Trains: The World’s Most Scenic Routes is a book that’s sure to be a hit. It features stunning photographs and information about some of the world’s most spectacular railways, including Hong kong’s Peak Tramway, Australia’s Ghan Railway, and the U.K.’s Welsh Highland Railway.

10. Vintage Retro Drawing Train Locomotive Throw Pillow Case

Train Locomotive Throw Pillow Case RR Enthusiast Gift

The Vintage Retro throw pillow case combines vintage imagery with a modern style, creating a unique and eye-catching look. The pillowcase is made from high-quality cotton fabric and features an intricate train locomotive illustration that will delight any fan of classic trains.

11. Stamp Money Clip – United States Mint Railroad Train Stamp

Brass Money Clip US Mint Railroad Train Stamp

This money clip from the American Coin Treasures celebrates the incredible legacy of American railroads. The clip features an authentic stamp from 1944 that gives a nod to the country’s rich history of rail travel.

12. American Flag Railroad Train T-Shirt

American Flag Railroad Train TShirt adults Shirt Gifts

The American Flag Railroad Train T-Shirt is perfect for anyone who loves trains and America. It features multiple miniature railroad locomotives, all printed in red, creating an eye-catching design. The cotton blend material is comfortable enough to wear all day long while also making a statement with its unique design.

13. Trains Across America 2023 Calendar

Trains Across America 2023 Calendar Gifts For Adults

The Trains Across America 2023 calendar showcases some of the most stunning scenery captured by rail photographers along their travels across the country. Each page features premium photographs depicting majestic mountain ranges, vibrant fall foliage, and rustic small towns along famous railway lines.

14. BRICK STORY City Cargo Train Building Set

Brick Story City Cargo Train Building  Model Set

Bring out your giftee’s inner engineer with the BRICK STORY City Cargo train building set. This 635-piece set allows you to build a train with three carriages. The set includes two conductor figures and realistic colors and details, including moving wheels.

15. Mugzie Trains & Signs Travel Mug

Trains Signs Travel Mug with Insulated Wetsuit Cover

Let the train enthusiast in your life enjoy their favorite hot beverage on the go with the stylish mug. This mug features vintage images of classic trains and railway signs from around the world. Made from stainless steel with a water-proof exterior sleeve, this 16 oz mug is perfect for any drink they prefer while traveling or at home.

16. Pinnacle Awards Canada Railroad Pocket Watch

Canada Railroad Regulation Pocket Watch Trains Lover Gift

Crafted with stainless steel and a stylish cowboy chain, the Pinnacle Awards pocket watch is the perfect gift for anyone passionate about railroad history. Elegantly designed with an antique finish and intricate details, it features quartz movement with accurate timekeeping, ensuring long-lasting quality.

17. Reusable Face Mouth Scarf Steam Engine

Reusable Face Mouth Scarf Steam Engine Train Mask

This stylish mouth scarf from GULTMEE is made from durable polyester fabric and features a vintage steam engine running through countryside scenery. The vibrant colors add a unique touch of artistry and make it one of the most popular train gifts for adults.

18. I Don’t Always Stop and Look at Trains Pullover Hoodie

I Don’t Always Stop and Look at Trains” is a lightweight unisex hoodie that comes in different sizes and colors, making it easy to find the right fit for anyone. The catchy slogan adds an extra touch of personality while keeping warm during cold days.

19. Train: The Definitive Visual History (DK Eyewitness)

Smithsonian Train The Definitive Visual History Picture Book

From early steam engines to modern high-speed designs, the Definitive Visual History book covers more than 80 years of train travel. It provides readers with detailed information about locomotives from around the world, supported by stunning photos and illustrations throughout its 320 pages.

20. MC Classic Train Engineer Conductor’s Adjustable Cap

MC Classic Train Engineer Conductors Adjustable Cap

Perfectly tailored using 100% cotton twill fabric, the MC Classic Train Engineer cap has an adjustable design that fits almost anyone. Its low-profile construction and backstrap closure system ensures maximum comfort while adding classic style to any outfit.

21. Vintage Steam Locomotive Train Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Vintage Steam Locomotive Train Long Sleeve T-Shirt Tee

Show off your love of classic steam trains with the Steam Locomotive long-sleeve T-shirt, featuring a detailed illustration of a magnificent engine chugging down the tracks. The shirt is pre-shrunk and made from 100% cotton for durability and comfort.

22. Locomotives: The Modern Diesel and Electric Reference

Locomotives The Modern Diesel and Electric Train Book

Written by renowned expert Greg McDonnell, The Modern Diesel and Electric Reference provides an engaging look into diesel and electric locomotives from the early days of railroading up to modern times. With over 300 photographs and illustrations, readers will gain insight into these powerful iron horses used worldwide.

23. Dot to Dot Trains for Adults

Dot To Dot Book Trains for Adults Enthusiast Gifts

Challenge your giftee with the Dot to Dot Trains book that features complex illustrations of different types of trains. This book contains 16,000 dots with varying levels of difficulty, making it one of the most appropriate train gift ideas for adults of all ages.

24. Caryongpee Train Forest Jigsaw Puzzles

Train Forest Jigsaw Puzzle Gifts For Adults

Uncover a stunning forest landscape populated by many unique trains with the 300-piece Caryongpee Train Forest Jigsaw puzzle set. The beautiful artwork features vibrant colors and plenty of details that will keep puzzlers busy for hours.

25. Pennsy Lives! Authentic Railroad Sweatshirt

Grey Train Sweater Railroad Sweatshirt Adults Size Gifts

Show your support for one of America’s largest railroads with the Authentic Railroad sweatshirt, featuring vivid images from Pennsy’s past. This 100% cotton garment is comfortable yet durable enough for everyday wear, making it one of the best train gifts for adults.

26. North American Railroad Steampunk Pocket Watch

North American Railroad Historical Train Steampunk Pocket Watch

The North American Railroad Steampunk pocket watch features a classic design with intricate details such as an ornamental gear cover and two design options for the back, making it one of the most outstanding train gifts for adults. In addition, the high-precision quartz movement ensures accuracy, with the brass finish sure to give you a long time of service.

27. Design Toscano Locomotive Train Wall Clock

Design Toscano Locomotive Train Wall Clock Gifts

Featuring beautiful craftsmanship and intricate detailing, the Design Toscano Locomotive Train wall clock is sure to be an eye-catching conversation starter in any room. The antiqued resin finish gives the timepiece a traditional look that has been crafted with modern technology to provide accurate timekeeping.

28. WAZHIJIA Steam Train Fun Dress Socks

Steam Train Fun Dress Socks Novelty Fashion Gifts

WAZHIJIA Steam Train dress socks would be great for anyone looking for relatively less conspicuous train gifts for adults. They feature a whimsical pattern of colorful steam trains that bring back memories of childhood days spent playing with toy trains. Plus, they’re made from breathable material to keep your feet comfortable all day long.

29. The Railroading Handbook

Trains The Railroading Handbook Paperback Book Fan Gifts

The Railroading Handbook provides readers with an inside look into the world of trains and railroad operations. If you have a rail enthusiast on your friend list, this is the perfect way to teach them how to model their railroad system and troubleshoot common issues related to layout or track designs.

30. ROBOTIME 3D Assembly Wooden Puzzle

3D Assembly Wooden Puzzle Locomotive Tran Kit

The ROBOTIME 3D wooden puzzle is one of the best train gifts for adults who want something more challenging than just building models from pre-cut pieces of wood. It comes complete with laser-cut pieces of wood along with hinges, screws, nuts, washers, and other small parts needed for assembly.

31. Train Parking Only All Others Will Be Side Tracked Wall Decoration

Metal Sign Train Parking Only Adult Fan Gifts

The “Train Parking Only All Others Will Be Side Tracked” metal sign can be the perfect addition to any train enthusiast’s home or office, with its bold block lettering and old-fashioned railroad design. This item measures 8″x12″ and can either be hung on a wall or pinned onto a desk or shelf.

32. Steam Engine Train Pendulum Wall Clock

Resin Vintage Steam Engine Train Pendulum Wall Clock

Crafted from durable resin and intricately detailed, this vintage steam engine wall clock is an elegant timepiece that deserves a place in any train aficionado’s home. Featuring a unique and decorative face along with a railway crossing sign pendulum, this clock makes for a truly timeless gift.

33. Train Locomotive Heartbeat Pulse T-Shirt

Train Locomotive Fans Heartbeat Pulse RailRoader T Shirt Gifts

Show your love for trains in style with the fashionable Train Locomotive Heartbeat Pulse T-Shirt. Featuring a sleek black design with a classic white pulse print and steam train across the front, it’s the perfect way to express your love of railroads loud and proud.

34. Lionel Trains Pocket Price Guide 1901-2023

Lionel Trains Pocket Price Guide 1901 to 2023

An essential resource for collectors of Lionel trains from all eras, the Lionel Trains Pocket Price Guide 1901-2023 covers the locomotives produced over the past 120 years. Packed with information about pricing trends, availability information, and lots more valuable data points, it’s one of the best train gifts for adults enthusiastic about Lionel Trains.

35. FOTAP Train keychain

Train keychain Railroad Train Fan Gifts

The eye-catching FOTAP train keychain is a great way to add extra flair to everyday outfits. Featuring a miniature train and a funny tagline, it adds enough personality to keys without being too flashy.

36. Abandoned Train Stations

Abandoned Train Stations Hardcover Pictorial Book

Abandoned Train Stations by David Ross offers a glimpse into the forgotten railway infrastructure around the world. Readers can explore derelict railway stations that have been left behind in time through detailed images and historical information. From European to American locations, this book will captivate any fan of trains and train travel.

37. North Woods Survival: Train to Nowhere

North Woods Survival Train to Nowhere Book

Perfect for those who crave an escape from their everyday lives, North Woods Survival: Train to Nowhere by Jess Walker is an exciting story about a boy who wakes up to find himself at a railway track in the middle of nowhere. It’s an exciting read full of bushcraft skills like starting a fire, making snowshoes, and fighting hypothermia.

38. Deluxe Navy Train Conductor Hat

Train Conductor Hat Navy Costume For Adults

Is your giftee a train conductor or lover of American locomotives? If yes, the Deluxe Navy Conductor hat is the perfect way to show them appreciation and affection. It features yellow stitches and an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit.

39. Amtrak Veterans Tribute Authentic Railroad Sweatshirt

Amtrak Veterans Tribute Authentic Railroad Sweatshirt Fan Gifts

In honor of Amtrak veterans, don the stylish Amtrak Veterans Tribute Authentic Railroad Sweatshirt. It’s made of 9-ounce soft fleece with an iconic American train printed on the front. This item is a great way to pay homage to the country’s hardworking railway staff who keep our trains running smoothly.

40. Train With Gray Smoke Wall Art Painting

Train With Gray Smoke Wall Art Painting

Transport your friend back in time with the beautiful Train with Gray Smoke wall art painting from First Wall Art. It features an old-fashioned train emitting grey smoke against a deep blue sky as it snakes its way across the countryside. It’s a stunning piece of wall décor that brings forth all sorts of emotions as you gaze upon its rustic charm.

41. Ucland 500 Piece Train Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle Train Narrow Gauge Railroad

The Ucland 500 Piece Train Jigsaw Puzzle is perfect for those seeking a difficult yet satisfying challenge! This train-themed jigsaw puzzle features bright colors and sharp details in every piece. This puzzle is ideal for those looking for an educational experience as well as some fun.

42. FUNWHOLE Train Building Bricks Set

Train Steampunk Ore With LED Light Building Set

For an interactive way to explore the world of trains, look no further than the FUNWHOLE Train Building Bricks Set. The blocks build a traditional aesthetically pleasing train colored in gold and brown. The set makes dynamic playtime fun with realistic decorations and customized light strings.

43. Never Too Old for Choo Choos T-Shirt

Adult Vintage T-Shirt With Train Locomotive

The Never Too Old for Choo Choos T-Shirt celebrates our never-ending love affair with railways and locomotives. Featuring bright colors, this premium t-shirt will get lots of attention any time your train-loving friend wears it out on the town. Plus, it allows them to express their passion for trains in comfort and style.

44. Train Mug Coffee Cup – Gifts For Adults

Funny Train Mug Ceramic Coffee Cup Gifts

If you’re looking for something a bit different, then you can’t go wrong with the Q.PaddyShops train mug. It features an adorable design of an old-fashioned steam engine and is made from top-grade ceramic, making it both sturdy and stylish. Whether they want to show off their passion for trains or enjoy a nice cup of tea at home, this mug is sure to fit the bill.

45. Two-Tone Ceramic Mug

Coffee Mug With Steam Engine Train Picture

The 3dRose Two Tone Mug is a stylish ceramic mug made from durable dishwasher- and microwave-safe materials. This mug features a stunning, high-definition photograph of an old-fashioned steam locomotive.

46. 3D Train Vintage Leather Journal Writing Notebook

3D Train Vintage Leather Journal Notebook With Pen

Forget standard notebooks! Help your friend upgrade their writing or project with this unique vintage leather journal from JEWPHX. The cover features a three-dimensional train that stands out against the brown leather. Inside you’ll find 200 pages of thick cream paper that offer hours of smooth writing without any bleeding or feathering of the ink.

47. Train Party Favor Boxes

Railroad Steam Train Themed Party Boxes

Make your upcoming party one to remember with these fun Train Party favor boxes. The boxes feature a colorful steam engine with three carriages and are big enough to fit all sorts of treats. Fill them up with candies, party favors, and other goodies to give your guests something special to take home after the party.

48. Train Charm Necklace

Train Charm Necklace Pendant On Chain Adult Gifts

Only a few train gifts for adults are good enough for both men and women, but the Train Charm necklace is one of them. Help that special person in your life show off their love of trains with this beautiful pendant. It features a detailed steam train engine on a 22-inch silver chain. This makes it the perfect gift idea for someone who loves trains as much as you do.

49. Trains Coloring Book for Adults

Trains Coloring Book for Adults Enthusiast Gifts

Get creative with this gorgeous Trains Coloring Book that features intricate illustrations of trains from around the world. Each design is printed on single side pages, so you can use any media without worrying about it bleeding through.

50. Havercamp STOP Sign Plates

Stop Sign Octagonal Party Plates

Add some fun and flair to your next dinner gathering with these octagon-shaped plates from Havercamp, featuring “Stop” signs like those found at railroad crossings. The set includes 8 sturdy plates made from durable cardboard that look just like real stop signs.

Worst Ideas

Train gifts for adults can be challenging to pick. Every person has unique tastes, and some gifts may miss the mark. A box full of chugging choo-choo whistles may sound like a fun idea, but chances are it won’t be much use to an adult collector.

Similarly, outdated models of their favorite locomotive might not be as valued as a more modern design. And for the budding engineer, overly simplistic toys may needlessly clutter up their workspace. If your giftee has a passion for locomotives, books hold much more promise as they will help them learn about their area of interest.

Whatever you pick, keep in mind that the best train gifts for adults are always well-thought-out and meaningful.

Talk to a Gifting Expert

Sometimes finding the perfect train gifts for adults can seem impossible no matter how hard you try. If this sounds familiar, why not get in touch with one of our experienced gifting experts?

Our team knows all about finding unique presents that will really put a smile on someone’s face no matter the occasion. Just tell us what kind of recipient you have in mind, and we’ll provide helpful advice tailored specifically to them so you can rest assured knowing they’ll love it.

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Max Harris
Max Harris
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Grandpa will definitely love the Wooden Puzzle Train. Love it!!

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Honey Bell
1 year ago

Amazing Train Gifts. I like it!

Wendell Lee
Wendell Lee
1 year ago

My uncle Jhon works in the train station way back in the ’80s, he is going to like the mini train for his birthday present, and thanks to this article, helps me find what to bring on his birthday.

Charlie Doyle
Charlie Doyle
11 months ago

Great ideas for a gift for adults.

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