Top Valentine Day Gifts for Daughter

by Craig
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As we all know, February is the month of love, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. However, the day is not only reserved for couples in love. It’s meant to bring joy to everyone, including your lovely daughter.

Coming up with a present that encapsulates your feelings towards your child can be challenging. We’ve gone the extra mile to help find the perfect token of appreciation and love.

Scroll through our top 50 choices for the perfect Valentine Day gifts for daughters and start this month of love with promising gift ideas!

1. Diamond Pendant Necklace

Heart Shaped Diamond Pendant Necklace

If you’re looking for Valentine Day gifts for daughter that are great for everyday use, jewelry like this necklace can be excellent. It’s a beautiful heart-shaped piece that’s budget-friendly, feminine, and a thoughtful token of appreciation. It contains 0.13 carats of diamonds across three stones.

2. To My Daughter Necklace

Valentine Necklace Gift With To My Daughter Message

Jewelry is an unbeatable girl present. This lovely necklace made from gold-plated surgical steel comes with a heart-warming dedication for your daughter. It’s a sweet reminder that nothing can come between you and your sweet baby girl. Choose this necklace and surprise your daughter with a thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day this year.

3. Valentine’s Spa Bath & Body Basket

Spa Gift Baskets Top Valentine Daughter Gifts

Valentine’s Day is also time for self-care, and girls usually take that part more seriously. You can make your daughter’s experience even better by getting her this rose-focused bath and body basket. It includes all the necessities for a relaxing bath, such as a bath bomb, some lotion, a bath puff, and shower gel.

4. Sentimental Necklace From Dad

Sterling Silver Necklace Diamond Pendent Valentine Day Gift

Valentine’s Day gifts for daughters aren’t just reserved for a gift exchange between the girls. Dads should also surprise their lovely daughters this holiday. For instance, this sentimental sterling silver necklace with a beautiful dedication is a great reminder of how much they are loved and that you are proud of her every day.

5. Swarovski Infinity Heart Necklace

Swarovski Infinity Heart Necklace

Valentine’s Day is supposed to remind us that love is the only thing that lasts forever is true love. This simple yet unique Swarovski necklace is an excellent Valentine Day gift, regardless of who you’re buying it for. Swarovski is a ubiquitous name in the world of jewelry, and you can’t go wrong with one of the company’s signature pieces.

6. Swarovski Infinity Bracelet

Swarovski Infinity Bracelet Heart Rose Gold Rhodium Tone

If your little girl like bracelets more than necklaces, that’s another great Valentine’s Day gift idea. This rose gold and crystal bracelet shows off precious, quality and elegance. It’ll maintain its shine for a long time, and it’s the perfect subtle Valentine gift for your daughter.

7. Anne Klein Watch and Bracelet Set

Anne Klein Womens Bangle Watch and Bracelet Set

Jewelry gifts rarely go out of style, and this watch and bracelet set from Anne Klein speak for itself. It’s got a round watch with a black glossy dial and gold-toned markers, a chain bracelet, a bangle with enamel inlay, and another bangle with 36 crystals. The word that best describes it would be fabulous, and we’re sure your daughter will agree.

8. Personalized Necklace With Birthstone and Name

Birthstone Gemstone Name Necklace Valentine Day Gifts

Personalized gifts hold a special place in the hearts of those who receive them. And when it’s a holiday like Valentine’s Day, a handmade personalized necklace with a birthstone and a name is a gift idea that’ll make not just your daughter’s day, but the entire month. This way, you can show just how much you appreciate, love, and admire your daughter – not just on this day.

9. Grogu Mini Backpack

Mandalorian Grogu Valentines Mini Backpack

This Star Wars-inspired backpack with Grogu sitting on clouds and with hearts is an otherworldly gift idea. So, if your daughter is a fan of this franchise (or at least the Mandalorian series), then she’ll go crazy over this one-size backpack for all her essentials.

10. Snoopy as Cupid Miniature Figure

Snoopy Cupid Love Miniature Figurine Jim Shore

Imagine one of your daughter’s childhood favorite characters as Cupid. It’s Snoopy, and he’s playing the role of Cupid, with a bow and an arrow – ready to aim for love. This miniature figure will make the perfect decoration for your daughter’s room.

11. Valentine’s Day Oreo Gift Basket

Valentine Oreo Gift Basket With Mug Teddy Bear

Do you want to send your daughter a gift basket this Valentine Day, but you’re not sure what to put inside? Don’t fret. This Valentine’s Day set with a traditional teddy, some Oreo goodies, and a card is everything you need to make your daughter’s day. It’s a perfect present for a sweet tooth. Who doesn’t like Oreos?

12. Mr. Fields Original Cookies

Mrs Fields Cookie Baskets Top Valentine Day Gifts

If you want to surprise your kid, take this opportunity to gift her this set of 24 delicious chocolate cookies in 5 signature flavors. Nothing says happiness and love like getting a box of cookies as a gift from someone you love.

13. Hello Kitty Hugger Pillow and Blanket

Hello Kitty Hugger Pillow And Soft Blanket

Valentine’s Day is for embracing the feeling of love in the best way possible. This Hello Kitty hugger pillow and blanket set is an excellent gift for your daughter — it’s girly, it’s cozy, and it’ll surely put a smile on her face when she opens it and lays down to relax. Imagine laying down in a customized blanket and hugging a Hello Kitty pillow – heavenly!

14. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Heart Gift Box

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Heart Box Valentine Day Gifts

Ferrero Rocher is one of the most “gourmet” sweets and is nearly synonymous with traditional Valentine Day gifts. This heart-shaped set of chocolates is a simple way of reminding your daughter that Valentine’s Day should be spent enjoying something sweet. The three heart-shaped boxes contain an assortment of Ferrero products for a real delight!

15. Walt Disney Minnie-Inspired Wallet

Wallet With Disney Minnie Mouse Bow And Ears

If your preschooler daughter has had a boring wallet for a long time now, it might be time to spice it up with this Minnie-inspired wallet. It’s a black, red, and white wallet with ears and a bow. It’s got lots of space inside for money and cards, and it’s the perfect present for someone who’s a child at heart.

16. Multicolor Roses Bouquet

Multicolor Roses Bouquet Fresh Flowers Valentine Day Gifts

Apart from chocolates, there’s one more thing that this holiday is known for, and that’s fresh roses. This colorful assortment of 50 fresh bloom roses will be a breath of fresh air. Roses are a symbol of deep love, beauty, and courage. Keep in mind that ordering fresh flowers online comes with unique timing deadlines and that there are two bouquets inside.

17. To My Daughter Mug Gift

Coffee Mug Cup Daughter Valentine Day Gifts

If your daughter already has a man in her life, then this set of mugs can be a great way to show your love and your wit. The focus is on the black mug with a dedication to a loving daughter is one of the best simple gifts you can come across. Remind your daughter that she may be someone’s Valentine, but she will always be your little girl.

18. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries By Golden State Fruit Nuts

A great way to enhance chocolate-based treats is to order a set of chocolate-covered strawberries like this one. This set of six love strawberries is the sweetener that your daughter needs this Valentine’s Day. Order this set of sweets dipped in chocolate, and sweeten up your daughter’s day. The strawberries don’t keep for long, so keep an eye on order details so they arrive just in time.

19. Sugar Chocolate Donuts Wood Music Box

Sugar Chocolate Donuts Wood Music Box Valentine Gifts

At first glance, they might look like sweets, but they’re not. This is a uniquely designed wooden music box. Yup – it’s a box that plays tunes when you open it up, which is not something you see every day.

20. Stuffed Warmie Teddy Bear

Marshmallow Teddy Bear Warmies Heatable Stuffed Animal

If you’ve been buying Valentine’s Day gifts for a while now, then you surely know the popularity of stuffed teddy bears. This one’s special, though. It’s a Warmie teddy stuffed with dried French lavender for added scent and comfort. We’re sure she’s going to love her new stuffed friend.

21. Winnie The Pooh Sketch Wallet

Loungefly Disney Sketch Art Wallet Winnie The Pooh

This is for all Winnie the Pooh fans out there. This Winnie wallet is a must-have if your daughter is a fan of this iconic children’s cartoon. This product is designed with bright and fun colors. Your daughter will love her new stylish wallet.

22. Rose Girl Doll

Roses Girl Doll Valentine Day Gifts For Daughter

Are you looking for a never-before-seen Valentine’s Day gift for your daughter? Then this rose girl in a glass box should be on your favorite list. It’s a wonderful home decoration for your daughter’s room, for example. The LED lights add to the room’s atmosphere. It’s like gifting your daughter flowers, but in a modern, more beautiful way, in which they can never die.

23. LOVERY Home Spa Gift Basket

Valentine Day Home Spa Gift Basket By Lovery

Here’s another fun Valentine’s Day gift idea for your daughter. This home spa gift basket contains all the essentials that your daughter needs to throw herself an unforgettable spa day. The basket is nicely wrapped in a bow, and it’s equipped with lotion, scents, and a stylish cosmetic bag. In short, it’s got everything she needs.

24. To My Daughter Moon Night Lamp

Engraved Moon Lamp Night Light

Ever thought about getting a night lamp for your daughter for Valentine’s Day? Well, you should! Your daughter will fall immediately in love with this night lamp. It’s got a sweet and heart-warming dedication to your daughter. It’s a brilliant way of getting your kid something both practical and sentimental.

25. Preserved Natural Rose With Crystal Necklace

Preserved Rose With Crystal Necklace Valentine Day Gifts

Sometimes, combining flowers with a necklace is the best thing you can get any girl, especially your daughter. A fabulous rose and necklace combo is undefeatable, and this gift idea proves the point perfectly. It’s stunning, simple, and certainly a gift your daughter will treasure forever.

26. SweatyRocks Women’s Hoodie

Womens Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt With Heart Print

A girl can never have one-too-many hoodies in her closet. This comfy women’s hoodie sweatshirt is the perfect Valentine Day gift for your daughter. It comes in various colors, and most importantly, it’s got a heart on the front, just in the spirit of the loveliest day of the year.

27. Valentine’s Day-Inspired T-Shirt

Women Tie Dye Heart T Shirt  Valentine Day Gifts

If your daughter likes bright and fun T-shirts, this Valentine’s-inspired model is essential for her wardrobe. It’s got a beautiful combination of red and pink with a heart. A symbol of love on a T-shirt as a gift in the month of love is like hitting the lottery of daughter gifts.

28. To My Daughter Valentine’s Day Blanket

Daughters Valentine Day Blanket Printed Mail Themed Gifts

Cool dads don’t give ordinary gifts. If you’re a cool dad, then this personalized blanket that looks like an envelope is a win-win! It’s comfy, practical, and large enough to snuggle in for a quick nap.

29. Sterling Silver Ring

Sterling Silver Ring Friendship Promise Love Heart Rings

We’ve given you some excellent jewelry ideas, but the one idea that we skipped is a ring. Now’s the perfect time to mention this sterling silver ring of two hands showing a heart (known as a Claddagh or a fede ring). On the inside, an engraving says, “Always with you.” Beautiful, right? Get this for your daughter and remind her that ever-lasting love comes from family.

30. Blue Butterfly and Moon Blanket

To My Daughter Blanket With Moon  Blue Butterfly

Here’s a slightly different blanket idea for your daughter. Unlike the letter-inspired one, this one’s got a beautiful blue design with butterflies, the moon, and stars. Butterflies are a symbol of power and transformation. It’s a great way of reminding your daughter that although she’s grown up, she’s still loved the most by her parents.

31. Funny Glass Cup

Drinking Glass up With Bamboo Lid

Here’s another innovative gift idea for your daughter this Valentine’s Day. This glass cup is perfect for sipping on most kinds of drinks, and comes with a holed lid for boba tea. However, the note on the glass is the real deal. It’s not in your usual lovey-dovey style, but it certainly…packs a punch.

32. Mother-Daughter Flickering LED Candle

Mother Hugs Daughter Candle Holder Statue Valentines Gifts

If you’ve got a super close relationship with your daughter, and you’d like to surprise her with a special Valentine’s Day gift, you should definitely consider this flickering mother-daughter LED candle. It speaks of love and a genuine connection, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

33. Flower Teddy Bear

Rose Flower Teddy Bear Valentine Day Gifts

Combining flowers and jewelry is a great idea for Valentine Day gifts for daughter, but a teddy bear and flowers might be an even better one. This lovely teddy bear made out of colored roses is an extraordinary gift for your daughter this Valentine’s Day, and you shouldn’t miss it by any chance!

34. Rose Stainless Steel Tumbler

To My Daughter Rose Stainless Steel Tumbler

The convenience of coffee-to-go is great, but not everyone likes Starbucks. If your daughter prefers home-brewed drinks on the move, this rose stainless tumbler will keep them hot (or cold) for her enjoyment. It’s got a beautiful rose and butterfly design on it and a thoughtful dedication from a mother to her loving daughter.

35. COMFY Wearable Blanket

Comfy Wearable Blanket Warn Valentine Day Gifts

Sometimes, there’s not a warmer hug than the one we share with our favorite blanket when we lay down. That’s why this wearable blanket from COMFY might just be your daughter’s favorite part of Valentine’s Day.

36. You Are My Sunshine Necklace

You are My Sunshine Necklace Silver  Sunflower

Here’s another great idea – check out this sunflower necklace that says, “You are my sunshine.” Sunflowers are a symbol of happiness, and it’s the perfect time of year to remind your daughter that she’s the reason for your happy times.

37. UGG Women’s Fluffy Slippers

UGG Womens Fluff Yeah Cali Collage Slipper

UGG fluffy home slippers are one of the more interesting new trends in household footwear. They’re also a great gift idea. They’re comfy and fashionable, and your daughter will surely enjoy showing them off whenever she gets a chance.

38. Michael Kors Crossbody Bag

Michael Kors Crossbody Bag Purse Valentine Day Gifts

Just like with hoodies, there’s no such thing as too many bags that a girl can have. So, if you’re planning to surprise your daughter this Valentine’s Day with a special gift, don’t skimp on this Michael Kors crossbody bag.

39. 3D Rose Crystal Multicolor Lamp

3D Rose Crystal Multicolor Lamp

There are simply not enough words that can describe this enchanting 3D multicolor lamp featuring a rose. It’s a thoughtful present that will create a unique, calm, relaxing atmosphere in a room. It’s one of our favorites Valentine’s Day gifts for daughter.

40. Rose and Candle Gift Set

Rose and Candle Valentine Day Gift Set

This preserved rose and candle gift set is something that’ll definitely lighten up your daughter’s mood and make her feel special for the day. It comes in a beautiful box with a bow and a wonderful smell. Preserved roses are much more gift-like and ever-lasting.

41. Lavender Bath Spa Kit

Lavender Bath Spa Valentine Day Gifts Basket

Here’s an enormous lavender-focused spa kit that will soothe the body, mind, and spirit. It’s a staple yet thoughtful gift for your daughter this Valentine Day.

42. Premium Valentine’s Day Gift Scented Candle

Premium Valentine Day Gift Scented Candle

Surprise your daughter with a premium scented candle that smells like heaven, combining red strawberries, red rose petals, raspberry, and sugared apple.. These masterfully blended scents work together to create a lovely atmosphere.

43. I Love You Necklace

I Love You Necklace With Heart Jewel Pendent

A piece of jewelry with a strong message is always a great idea for a gift, especially if it’s someone you truly love and care about, like your daughter. This necklace says, “I love you always and forever.” It’s got a beautiful pink stone inside a heart, and your daughter will surely love it.

44. Teen Gift Box

Teen Girl Goodie Gift Box

If you’ve got a teenage daughter at home and you want to surprise her with a special Valentine’s Day gift this year, this specially designed teen box with goodies is the perfect way to do it. It’s a great starter kit for cosmetics and jewelry that allows you to get further inspiration for later gifts.

45. To My Daughter Horseshoe Necklace

To My Daughter Horseshoe Necklace

Here’s another great idea for a necklace. If you want to surprise your daughter this Valentine’s Day, you should definitely consider this horseshoe-inspired necklace to invite love and luck into her life. It’s got a strong lion background and sincere dedication from the dad.

46. Seven-Piece Pajama Set

Seven Piece Pajama PJs Set Valentine Day Gifts

We’re slowly narrowing down the list for the best Valentine Day gifts for daughter with this 7-piece pajama set. It’s comfy, it’s girly, and it’s got everything for a good night’s sleep: from shorts to long sleeves.

47. Gold-Dipped Rose

24K Dipped Gold Preserved Rose Flower

Quality usually beats quantity when it comes to thoughtful gifts. A single flower can be an exquisite gift when it’s a rose dipped in gold. Real flowers might look and smell great, but they don’t last forever. Your love for your daughter does, and so will this rose.

48. Bathtub Spa Basket Kit For Girls

Spa Basket Rose Bath Set Includes Balms Bubbles Salt

This spa kit contains everything your daughter needs for a self-care day at home. It’s got bath bombs, lotion, bath salts, and more – all neatly packed and ready to make someone’s day special. The basket is shaped like a bathtub and can serve as extra storage or decoration, adding a dash of practicality.

49. Necklace and Earrings Heart Set

I Love You Necklace and Earrings Heart Set

If you want to go all-out on jewelry, then you can pair a fantastic necklace with stunning earrings, such as in this NanoStyle set. Made from sterling silver and Swarovski crystals, with the necklace inscribed in gold, it’s an unforgettable testament to your love.

50. Gift Card in a Gift Bag

Amazon Gift Card In bag

Buying gifts for children (especially older ones) can be tricky, and sometimes the best gift is to let them choose what they would like the most. If you have a teenage daughter, she probably already knows what she wants. So, if your intention is to make her smile on the loveliest day of the year, pick an amount from $50 to $200, get her this gift card, and let her choose her own gift.

Worst Gift Ideas for Valentine Day Gifts for Daughter

There are far more than 50 choices that make excellent gifts. However, there are a couple that should not make it to your daughter if you don’t want to disappoint her for Valentine’s Day. They are usually touchy subjects or mean you didn’t put much care into it.

Here are some of the options to avoid:

  • Gifts related to weight or dieting
  • Anything that’s regifted
  • Money

Coupons are a specific category. If they are for a specific activity your daughter will surely enjoy, they might be a good gift, but maybe not for Valentine’s Day. Regardless, keep an eye on the expiration date or requirements.

Talk to an Expert Shopper

You know that you only want the best for your little girl, which means coming up with new and never-before-seen gifts.

If you have in mind something that you know she’d like, and it’s not on the list, don’t sweat it.

Talk to an expert shopper by filling out the form below, and you’ll get inspired for excellent Valentine’s Day gifts for daughter in no time.

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