Top 50 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teens

by Jessa

Shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts for teens doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re looking for romantic and meaningful gifts or practical and useful presents, this list has it all. 

1. Lovebox 

Lovebox Messaging Device

If you’re interested in creative Valentine’s Day gifts for teens, the Lovebox is the perfect present. It’s a messaging device that connects to your phone. You can use it to send heartful messages, photos, and animations to your loved one. It’s an ideal gift for long-distance couples. 

2. Eternity Rose 

Classic 24K Gold Dipped Eternity Rose

A rose is a classic Valentine’s Day present, so why not get your girlfriend an eternity rose? Not only will this present last forever, but it will remind her of you every time she looks at it. It’s a 24k gold-dipped rose and comes in blue, black, gold, ivory, red, and pink. 

3. Giant Teddy Bear 

Cute and Cozy Giant Teddy Bear 

If you’re looking for traditional Valentine’s Day gifts for teens, you can’t go wrong with a giant teddy bear. These soft teddies come in brown, dark brown, gray, white, and pink. This present will definitely surprise them. It’s a cute, cozy gift your favorite teen will surely appreciate. 

4. Couple Hoodies 

Pizza Black Couple Hoodies 

These couple hoodies are a fun present the two of you can both use. Not only are these hoodies extremely cute, but they’re also not cliché. It’s a great idea for couples who love eating pizza together. They come in sizes S to XXL. 

5. Starbucks Cup 

Pink Starbucks Venti Cup 

If your girlfriend loves Starbucks, this pink gradient studded tumbler might be the ideal Valentine’s Day present. It’s a venti Starbucks cup and comes with a lid and a straw. Not to mention that it’s from the Starbucks Valentine’s Day collection. With this Starbucks cup, she can take her coffee to go every day. 

6. Personalized Record Print

Personalized Record Print Customizable Frame

For those who are shopping for romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for teens, this personalized record print might be what you’ve been looking for. It’s a wonderful way of displaying your song. You can add your names, anniversary date, and lyrics on the record print. The color of the record and the frame are also customizable. 

7. Friendship Lamps 

Friendship Tap on TopLamps

Another great present for long-distance couples, these Friendship Lamps give you a thoughtful way to communicate. One lamp goes to you, and the other to your partner. When you tap on the top of the lamp, it will change colors. The idea is to use colors to send messages or display emotions. 

8. Preserved Rose Box 

Preserved Rose in a Clear Box 

If you’re looking for more traditional Valentine’s Day gifts for teens, this preserved rose box is a beautiful present. There are nine roses in the clear box, and you can choose between pink and red flowers. These roses last exactly one year, so you can replace them on the next Valentine’s Day. 

9. Rose Heart Necklace 

Sterling Silver Rose Heart Necklace

If you’re looking for unforgettable Valentine’s Day gifts for teens, this rose heart necklace is pretty special. It’s made from sterling silver, and it comes with a 2-inch extension chain. You can choose the initial that is joined with the rose gold flower. This present is perfect for girlfriends who love jewelry. 

10. 24K Gold Rose 

24K Gold Rose with Gold Box

Instead of buying your girlfriend a real rose, take it one step further with this 24K gold rose. It will last a lifetime, so it’s quite a special present. You can also buy a rose gold, platinum, and silver rose in a leather or bloom box. 

11. Glow-in-the-Dark Basketball 

Glow in the Dark Basketball

If your favorite teen is a basketball fan, they might like this glow-in-the-dark basketball. The basketball glows a red light, and it comes with replaceable batteries. It lights up with one bounce. It can be used as a regular basketball and glow when it gets dark. 

12. Gym Bag

Gym bag comes in Eight Colors

This gym bag can be a neat present if your favorite teen goes to the gym or trains in a sport. It’s a Nike Brasilia small duffel bag with a zipper closure and double handles. It comes in eight colors, including black, gray, blue, red, and multicolored. 

13. Life-Size Pink Teddy Bear 

Life Size Pink Teddy Bear

If your teenage friend loves stuffed toys, surprise them with this life-size pink teddy bear. It’s 55 inches tall and washing machine-friendly. If the recipient doesn’t like pink, it also comes in purple, white, light blue, gray, orange, and brown. This is a Valentine’s Day gift they will never forget. 

14. Wearable Blanket

Comfy Oversized Wearable Blanket

If you’re looking for creative Valentine’s Day gifts for teens, consider this wearable blanket. It’s a great present for boyfriends and girlfriends. The wearable blanket is made from comfortable materials and it’s oversized, so you can be cozy the whole day. It comes in a variety of colors. 

15. Spa Gift Basket

Spa Gift Basket with Amazing Smell

If your teenage girlfriend likes to pamper herself, she might appreciate this spa gift basket. It includes shower gel, a mud mask, a body scrub, bath salts, a face mask, and a jade roller. All of these products smell amazing, and they can create the ultimate luxury spa experience. 

16. Flower Bouquet Building Set

Flower Bouquet Building Set

This flower bouquet building set is another creative take on regular flowers. There are 532 pieces of this puzzle, which you and your teen can build together. The puzzle is easy to build, and it comes with a manual. Once you build it, you can use it as décor. 

17. LEGO Star Wars 

LEGO Star Wars Mini Figures

While we’re on the topic of building, this LEGO Star Wars set is a present many teens (and adults) would want, no matter how old they are. The model is OBI-Wan Kenobi’s Inquisitor Transport Scythe, which also comes with four Star Wars mini-figures. This LEGO puzzle has 924 pieces. 

18. Infinity Heart Necklace 

Swarovski Infinity Heart Necklace 

If you’re interested in fancier Valentine’s Day gifts for teens, take a look at this infinity heart necklace. You can choose either silver or rose gold for this elegant necklace. Plus, it’s Swarovski, so it’s definitely going to make a statement and last a long time. 

19. Jewelry Box 

Pink Jewelry Box Organizer

Every girl needs a jewelry box, so take a look at this beautiful pink jewelry box organizer from VLANDO. It comes with a built-in mirror, three drawers, stud earring holders, pouches, and many more compartments. It comes in other colors too, like black, red, blue, and white. 

20. Nike Hoodie 

Nike Pullover Fleece Hoodie

You can’t go wrong with a Nike hoodie. It’s a pullover fleece hoodie that comes in a wide selection of colors. If you don’t want the black one, you can get your young adult a gray, yellow, navy blue, maroon, red, green, or purple. 

21. Sony Wireless Headphones 

Sony Wireless 35 Hour Battery Life Headphones 

These Sony wireless headphones are the perfect practical gift to give your teen this Valentine’s Day. They’re noise-canceling headphones that use Bluetooth technology. With a 35-hour battery life, you won’t need to recharge them as often. Even charging them for 10 minutes gives you 90 minutes of playback. 

22. Promise Ring for Her

Pandora Promise Ring for Her

If you’re looking for more serious Valentine’s Day gifts for teens, this Pandora promise ring is the perfect present for your girlfriend. It’s a sparkling love knot, the ultimate symbol of love. Made from high-quality sterling silver, this gift will definitely put a smile on her face. 

23. Promise Ring for Him

Chroma Color Promise Ring for Him

You can also find promise rings for your boyfriend, like this Tungsten chroma color ring. It has a black-gray exterior, but the inside can be aqua, green, red, orange, or purple. Available sizes include 4.5 to 15. It has a simple design, so it can match your young man’s style. 

24. Laser Tag Gun Set

Laser Tag Gun Set with Four Bullet Types

If you’re looking for fun Valentine’s Day gifts for teens, what could be more exciting than laser tag? This laser tag gun set comes with four guns and vests, so your teens can play laser tag with their friends. The guns have four bullet types: pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket. 

25. Heart Promise Ring 

Heart Shaped Promise Ring

Another promise ring for her, this beautiful heart-shaped promise ring will take her breath away. It even has a 0.10-carat diamond in the center. In addition to rose gold, the ring comes in yellow gold or white gold. Make this the best Valentine’s Day yet with this special promise ring. 

26. LTC Keyboard 

LTC Nimble Black Mechanical Keyboard

If your teen is a gamer, this LTC Nimbleback mechanical keyboard could be just what they need. This backlit gaming keyboard has eight factory preprogrammed backlight modes and five brightness speed levels. It should improve their gaming experience.

27. Infinity Necklace 

Nothing says love like an infinity necklace. This sterling silver infinity symbol necklace is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for teens that love wearing jewelry. You can choose the color of the heart crystal. It comes in white, AB white, blue, pink, or red. 

28. 24K Rose Gold Bath Bombs Set

24K Rose Gold Bath Bombs Set

This 24k rose gold bath bomb set is a creative and useful Valentine’s Day present. It comes with nine luxury bath bombs, each wrapped in 24k rose gold. Some of the fragrances include vanilla, cherry blossom, lavender, honey almond, magnolia, and orange. 

29. Backpack 

Backpack for School or Travel

If you’re looking for practical Valentine’s Day gifts for teens, you can consider this Matein backpack. It can be used for school, travel, or to carry a laptop. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and comes in a variety of colors. In addition, it comes with a built-in USB charging port. 

30. Lighted Makeup Mirror

Lighted Makeup 360 Degree Rotating Mirror

This lighted makeup mirror can make your teen very happy if they need good lighting to do their makeup. It’s a 360-degree rotating mirror that comes with LED bulbs. What makes it even better are the smart touch controls that allow them to adjust the brightness. 

31. Weighted Blanket 

Weighted Blanket comes in Different Sizes

No matter your teen’s age, a weighted blanket is an excellent present for any occasion. It comes in different sizes, and it’s made from premium materials. This blanket is breathable and comfortable. Not to mention that weighted blankets have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep. 

32. Beard Trimmer 

9 in 1 Beard Trimmer 

If your teen has started to grow a beard, this 9-in-1 beard trimmer can be very useful. The kit includes a face and beard trimmer, a hair trimmer, a body groomer, an ear and nose trimmer, and a clean-shave razor. It’s cordless and rechargeable. 

33. Basketball Hoop 

Easy Assemble and Disassemble Basketball Hoop 

If your teen loves playing basketball, consider gifting this adjustable basketball hoop. The height can be adjusted from 5 to 7 feet, and the stand comes with wheels, so they can easily move it around. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble. 

34. Makeup Storage Organizer

Portable Makeup Storage Organizer

Instead of getting your teen a regular, plastic makeup organizer, take a look at this premium storage box. This makeup storage organizer is portable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. It comes with a sheer top compartment and two drawers. Thanks to its handle, it’s good for travel. 

35. Scented Candle Gift Set 

Scented Candle Gift Set with Luxury Packaging

This aromatherapy scented candle gift set is a good idea if you don’t know what your teen likes. The kit includes four essential oil candles and one gold lid. This premium candle set is a step up from regular candles with its unique scents, luxury packaging, and natural soy wax. 

36. Mini Fridge 

Mini Fridge for Skincare Enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for teens that they will love and use, this mini fridge is a great gift for skincare enthusiasts. Not only can you use it for cooling, but for heating as well. It even comes with a mirror on the door. 

37. Comfy Pajama Set 

Comfy Pajama Set 100% Cotton

If you want something more comfortable, this pajama set is made from 100% cotton. To make it even better, these pajamas come in every color imaginable. They fit loosely, giving you room to move and sleep comfortably. Sizes range from X small to 3X large. 

38. Acrylic Nail Kit 

Complete Acrylic Nail Kit 

This acrylic nail kit is the perfect Valentine’s Day present for teens that are practicing doing their own nails. The kit includes acrylic powder, nail polishes, a nail lamp, an electric nail file, and other manicure tools. It has everything your teen needs to become an expert manicurist. 

39. Headphone Stand 

2 in 1 Gaming Headphone Stand

Anyone who enjoys trying out new technology will love this headphone stand. It’s a 2-in-1 gaming headset holder and a charging port, and comes with three charging points and power outlets. Not to mention it has RGB lighting and touch control. 

40. Black Opium 

Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium

If you want to get your teen a fragrance but you don’t know which she might like, Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium is a great choice. It has a sweet smell that combines coffee, vanilla, and white flowers. This is one of the most popular perfumes for women. 

41. Toiletry Bag 

Toiletry Bag for Toiletries and Accessories

This toiletry bag for men is perfect for traveling and storing your teen’s toiletries and accessories. It comes in blue tan, black, brown, and tan black. This bag has a classic vintage look, and it’s made from leather, designed for years of use. 

42. The Adventure Challenge 

The Adventure Challenge for Couples

Some of the sweetest Valentine’s Day gifts for teens are presents you can use together, like this Adventure Challenge book. It’s a couple’s scratch-off book with fun date night ideas. This book is for couples of all ages.

43. Watch 

Strong Looking Minimalistic Waterproof Watch

If you’re not sure what to get for your teen this Valentine’s Day, a watch is always a good idea. This strong-looking minimalistic black watch is suitable for any occasion. It’s waterproof, and it comes in different color combinations for the band and face. 

44. Ray-Ban Sunglasses 

Adult Unisex Ray-Ban Sunglasses 

Has your older teen been wearing the same old sunglasses for ages? If so, consider buying them this good-looking pair of unisex adult Ray-Ban sunglasses. For the color of the lenses, you can choose dark brown gradient, green, or polarized green. 

45. Little Black Bag 

Aldo Little Black Crossbody Bag

Just like every girl needs a little black dress (LBD), they also need a little black bag. This ALDO Greenwald crossbody bag can be worn with almost any outfit. If you think they’d like another color, you can choose from bone, beige, or multicolored. 

46. Gaming Microphone 

Gaming Microphone with VO.CE Effects

This gaming microphone is another creative idea for teen gamers. It’s a Logitech Blue Yeti microphone that comes in black, blue, red, pink, or green. More importantly, it comes with Blue VO.CE Effects that will elevate your teen’s gaming experience. 

47. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

King Size Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Teens that love both assembling puzzles and being in nature will surely adore this wooden jigsaw puzzle. This a king-size fiery fox puzzle, but you can choose other animals and themes as well, such as birds, a butterfly, and even a chameleon. These puzzles are fun for all ages, including teenagers. 

48. Rawlings Baseball Glove

High Quality Rawlings Baseball Glove

These high-quality baseball gloves are great for teens who like to play baseball or softball. You can choose right-hand throw or left-hand throw for an infielder or pitcher, or a first-base mitt, outfielder’s glove, or catcher’s mitt. The baseball gloves also come in different colors. 

49. Fujifilm Instant Camera 

Fujifilm Instant Camera with 20 Instax Film Sheets

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for teens that they’ll use more than once, this Fujifilm instant camera is a thoughtful gift. It comes with a mini custom case and 20 Fuji Instax film sheets. You can also choose the color of the camera. 

50. Vintage Music Box 

Special Vintage Music Box

This vintage music box is quite special, not to mention beautiful. It plays “Always with Me,” and it has a gorgeous design. The colorful LED lights twinkle along with the music, and it has 12 Zodiac symbols on the outer side. 

Worst Ideas 

Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teens

If you’re wondering what the worst Valentine’s Day gifts for teens are, it could be anything that’s too mature or too childish for their specific age. It’s tricky, as children mature at different speeds, but anything from this list should make a good present for a teenager. And while most teens would probably appreciate cash, it’s still not considered a thoughtful gift.

Talk to an Expert Shopper 

Talk to a Preserve and Gifting Expert Shopper

Shopping for teens isn’t easy, even if you’re a teen yourself. If you need more ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for teens, fill out the form below and we’ll respond as soon as possible. We know just what to ask to get to the heart of what your teen gift recipient would like.

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Marvin Evans
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she will definitely love the couple hoodies, hahaha surprise!! thanks!

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James Morgan
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Wow! What a nice gift idea for Valentine, lovers going to love this idea.

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George Jackson
1 year ago

I am not a teen anymore hahaha but I like this article that gives ideas to youngsters for the Valentine gift thing hahaha,

Amanda Robinson
Amanda Robinson
1 year ago

This a nice gift idea for teens, love it!

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Zoey White
1 year ago

Nice items for a Valentine’s Day gift, like the article about giving gifts during love month.

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Emily King
1 year ago

brilliant idea, a cool gifts for valentines. nice article

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a Valentine’s Day gift for teens!? great idea, but some of the items are a bit expensive for teens Lol, but that’s for me, but it is a great article though!

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