Top 50 White Elephant Gift Ideas For Teenagers

by Auhbon

A white elephant gift exchange is a party game where funny and impractical gifts are exchanged during festivities. However, when it comes to appropriate gift ideas for a teen white elephant event, the gift should be more “cool” or amusing instead of cheeky. Want to know the best white elephant gift ideas for teenagers?

Read on for 50 of the coolest white elephant gift ideas for teens.

Top 50 White Elephant Gifts for Teens

1. Giant Timber Tower With Dice & Game Board

Giant 56 piece jenga set with bag and scoreboard

Giant Jenga is a fun and exciting game enjoyed by all ages worldwide, so it would make an ideal white elephant gift. The giant version is even more entertaining than the original; imagine creating a stack almost five feet high! This 56-piece wooden set can grow to over 4.1 feet tall.

2. Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

Loud alarm clock on wheels that runs away

This fun, and slightly annoying, device will get anyone out of bed. There’s no option for snoozing from the comfort of one’s bed. Once it’s time to rise, the owner will have to chase the cheeky little gadget to turn the alarm off while half asleep.

3. Cute Corgi Butt-Shaped Throw Pillow

Cute and soft corgi butt shaped throw pillow

White elephant gifts are whacky and funny, so you can’t go wrong with this Corgi butt-shaped throw pillow. It looks cute, is made from soft material, and is big enough to be used as a seat or resting pillow. Who wouldn’t want one of these for their bedroom?

4. Roll-Up Piano With 61 Keys

61 key roll up piano with 128 tones

Many teens enjoy listening to music, and some are talented music creators. This roll-up keyboard is likely to be a hit, especially for anyone who has considered playing an instrument. The keyboard is a great starting point for learning to read music.

5. Ion iCase Core Arcade Game

Arcade game controller for iPad and iPad 2

Next on the list of great white elephant gift ideas for teenagers is this Arcade game controller for the iPad and iPad2. This retro add-on is designed to bring an authentic arcade experience to the iPad. It can be used to play classic games like “Pac-Man” and “Centipede.”

6. Water Balloon Launcher Slingshot

Three person waterballoon launcher with 500 yard range

You can encourage outdoor activities with an entertaining game of water balloon slingshot. This launcher has a range of 500 yards and comes with a carry bag to store the three-person launcher. Everyone will be fighting over this gift.

7. Hopper Ball

Fun horse themed hopper ball with pump

Teens are never too old to get on a hopper ball for a good hop around, and the adults can have a turn too. Mr. Jones, the horse, is here for fun times and requires no stable, feeding, or vet fees.

8. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Cooperative pathfinder adventure card game core set

Why not start an adventure at the white elephant exchange party with the Pathfinder Adventure card game? Pathfinder is a cooperative, deck-building, and battle-driven card game for up to four players. This particular set includes the storybook and cards for “The Dragon’s Demand Adventure Path.”

9. Giant Inflatable Bowling Set

Giant inflatable bowling set with pump, pins, and ball

Teens love hanging out at the bowling alley to show off their bowling skills. Well, now they can demonstrate how good they are outside the bowling alley. This fun inflatable bowling set is suitable for all ages; now everyone is a pro.

10. HR Drone for Kids and Beginners

Mini quadcopter HR drone with 1080p HD FPV

As far as white elephant gift ideas for teenagers, an HR Drone will be the gift that everyone wants. This drone has a 1080P HD camera and FPV real-time transmission. It’s great for taking aerial photos and videos and comes in a super-cool design that any teenager would love.

11. Rustic Ring Toss Outdoor Game

Outdoor ring toss set with 15 plus games included

Another fun game to play with friends which improves coordination and concentration and doesn’t involve staring at a screen is “Ring Toss”. This version offers over 15 games, including classic ring toss or exclusive SWOOC originals like “Golf” and “Last Man Standing.”

12. Bubble Wrap Calendar

Who doesn’t love the sound and feel of popping bubble wrap? You might be surprised at how content a teen could be with the opportunity to pop daily. This poster-sized bubble wrap wall calendar is another one of many superb white elephant gift ideas for teenagers.

13. G-Shock Watch

G-shock sports watch with daily step counter

Another suitable teen gift to consider would be this G-Shock watch. It offers a classic look in the modern age. This particular timepiece is the latest addition to G-Shock’s “Power Trainer” sports line, so it’s excellent for monitoring calories and keeping healthy.

14. Dartboard With Staple-Free Bullseye

Dartboard with staple-free bullseye and steel tip darts

A game of darts is another fun excuse to tear teens away from their phone and tablet screens. The “Socipieler” style dartboard offers staple-free bullseye to help prevent “bounce-outs.” It is made from a durable thick and elastic sisal fiber compressed together to grip the darts much better.

15. Mountain Bike Unicycle

20 inch chrome wheel mountain bike unicycle

Give a teen a challenge and get them to exercise simultaneously with this mountain bike unicycle. They can show off their skills to their friends and have hours of fun. This 20-inch chrome wheel unicycle with aluminum and steel frame comes in four colors, making it yet another one of many great white elephant gift ideas for teenagers.

16. Scary White Horse Head Mask

All natural latex Scary white horse head mask

This scary white horse head mask is a typical white elephant gift. It’s designed with big eyes, mouth, nostrils, and teeth for a vivid and frightening look. The teen who receives this will love wearing it to their next Halloween or masquerade event.

17. Perplexus Epic Interactive Maze

Challenging spherical maze toy with 125 obstacles

Puzzles like this Perplexus interactive maze game look incredible and encourage improved hand-eye coordination. The lucky owner and their friends are likely to be perplexed by their attempts at mastering it. It can provide a great opportunity to ignite everyone’s competitive side while enjoying quality time together.

18. Xtreme Steel Balance Stilts

height adjustable up to 17 inches steel balance stilts

Another excellent white elephant gift idea to get the heart pumping is this pair of balance stilts. They shouldn’t be too difficult to get used to, even if it’s the teen’s first time, as they’re engineered with an effortless balance design.

19. Android Smart Watch Activity Fitness Tracker

Android smart watch fitness tracker with nine modes

Teens love gadgets, so a watch like this Android activity fitness tracker was bound to make it onto our top 50 white elephant gift ideas for teenagers. Similar to the Apple Watch, it not only tells the time but can be used for social media, and it encourages exercise with nine sports modes.

20. Fluffy Fashion Tail Ears Hoodie

Fluffy animal hoodie with ears and tail

A top 50 white elephant gift list would be incomplete without a bear suit of some sort. This warm, soft, and fluffy hoodie is perfect for the winter. And on the back, are of course the tail and ears. It’s available as a brown bear, white cat, or white rabbit.

21. Beginner Classical Guitarra Acustica

Complete handcrafted acoustic guitar set for beginners

If the new owner of a complete beginner’s classic acoustic guitar is into making music, they’ll be glad they came to this white elephant event. It offers a dreadnought body for a full and vibrant tone to accommodate all styles of music.

22. Smash Up Board Game

Smash up board game with 8 different factions

Another board game idea is the award-winning and best-selling “Smash Up”. In this fun card game, players draft two faction decks, like ninjas, zombies, robots, and more, to combine them into a force to be reckoned with.

23. Backpack for School

Lightweight 20 liter waterproof collapsible backpack

A good backpack is an almost disappointment-proof white elephant gift idea for a teenager, especially one as cool as this. This lightweight Vaschy backpack comes in 21 different colors, is waterproof, and has useful compartments. It’s perfect for school or just looking cool while hanging out.

24. Speed Resistance Training

Agility training kit including cones, ladder, and parachute

An agility ladder set is a gift to encourage exercise and speed training with more flair. This one includes an agility ladder, five-round training cones, one resistance parachute, and four metal stakes, with a nice bag to put it all in. A track and field runner would love this, making it potentially one of the best white elephant gift ideas for teenagers.

25. Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone

Bluetooth karaoke microphones with speakers and fun settings

Another ideal white elephant gift for teenagers is one which grants an opportunity to show off their vocal talent. These portable hand-held wireless microphones include a funny voice changer, and the Bluetooth capability offers hours of Karaoke fun. You can use it to record and listen to music, and it’s available in several different colors.

26. Bread Shaped Pillow

24 to 40 inch soft bread shaped pillow

Who doesn’t like a lovely piece of bread once in a while? Well, this extra-large 3D loaf of French bread pillow not only shows off a carb obsession, but it’s also super comfy. Its vivid color and design looks like an overgrown loaf of bread that could make a teen drool.

27. Pizza Socks

Pizza socks with variety of toppings and pizza box

A slice of pizza socks, anyone? At first glance, the recipient might think they’ve been lucky enough to land a fresh pizza, but instead it’s a box of six brand-new pairs of socks with pizza patterns. If they’re a fan of pizza and colorful socks, they won’t be disappointed.

28. Ghost Neon Signs

Pac man themed neon LED lights with USB

Many teens are into lighting in their bedrooms, so this idea could be another excellent white elephant gift. These bright, colorful, retro, “Pac Man” ghost LED neon lights are great! Perfect for game lovers and non-game lovers alike; whether they know the classic Arcade game or not.

29. 3D Star Wars Night Light

Star Wars night light with pattern and color options

A white elephant gifts ideas for teens list would also be incomplete without a Star Wars piece. This 3D night light looks great in any one of three patterns and 16 colors. It changes into “Darth Vader”, “Grogu”, and the “Mandalorian”. The recipient may enjoy the night light effects even if they’re not fans of the IP.

30. Elephant Earrings

Hypoallergenic Sterling silver 3D elephant models hoop earrings

Teenage girls usually enjoy a lovely piece of jewelry, so these sterling silver elephant hoop earrings may make a perfect white elephant gift. This pair offers a classic design of cute elephants on the front of small hoop earrings. They are hypoallergenic sterling silver earrings, so they are waterproof, and free of both nickel and lead.

31. Star Projector for Bedroom

Star projector night light with sound effects

This star projector table lamp can transform any room into another world. Its features include a dual projection lens, which can project a northern lights effect and create lively starlight skies for a relaxing atmosphere. It offers mesmerizing lighting and includes eight pre-installed, soothing music options for relaxation.

32. Throw Throw Burrito

Throw throw burrito dodgeball style card game

“Throw Throw Burrito” is another classic white elephant gift. This funny game is the world’s funniest dodgeball style card game. It involves collecting matching sets of cards as fast as humanly possible while simultaneously trying to duck and dodge airborne squishy burritos.

33. Piggy Coin Bank

Cute and classic white resin piggy bank

This pig could well be the cutest and happiest looking pig around. And so it should be with a huge belly full of money! The classic piggy bank encourages teens to save money. This adorable piggy bank is made of resin and available in four colors.

34. Megaphone Speaker

800 yard range Megaphone with siren and volume control

A megaphone speaker is great for being heard at a gaming event, for example, or just goofing around with friends. This one offers adjustable volume control, a built-in siren, and an 800-yard range.

35. Burritos Tortilla Throw Blanket

Soft giant novelty burrito tortilla throw blanket

Here’s more gigantic and authentic-looking food to get the teens salivating. This giant tortilla blanket could almost be mistaken for a real one if it wasn’t so large. Even though it’s not edible, the flannel material will keep anyone warm.

36. Northwest Disney Star Wars

Fully polyester soft Chewbaka throw blanket with sleeves

If there are any Star Wars fans at the gift exchange, they’ll likely be over the moon with this “Being Chewbacca” throw blanket. It’s made from 100% polyester, is machine washable, and cozy.

37. Pizza Blanket

Double sided 71 inch soft pepperoni pizza blanket

Teens are known for their love of pizza, so this gift idea fits right in with the best white elephant gift ideas for teenagers. This double-sided 71-inch pizza blanket looks like a delicious pizza with generous helpings of pepperoni. It’s perfect for feeling cozy while watching TV and enjoying, or thinking about enjoying, pepperoni pizza.

38. Round Cut Natural Diamond Elephant Pendant Necklace

Round cut natural diamond accent two tone elephant pendant necklace

Add a touch of inspired beauty to the white elephant gift event with this round-cut natural diamond elephant pendant necklace. If the new proud owner likes necklaces, they’ll likely appreciate this 14K white gold over Hypoallergenic Sterling Silver necklace.

39. Touch Beside Lamp

Bedside LED lamp with bluetooth speaker and touch control

This LED wireless touch night table lamp has Bluetooth to double up as a powerful speaker. In different colors, it emits soft dimmable light to aid relaxation. It’s perfect for the bedroom or while taking a bath.

40. Realistic Donut Blanket

Machine washable microfiber polyester novelty donut throw blanket

This 60-inch long by 50-inch wide, tasty-looking, donut throw blanket is another outstanding white elephant gift for any teen. It’s made from high-quality microfiber polyester and is machine wash and tumble-dry friendly.

41. Stuffed Elephant Plush Animal Toy

12 to 24 inch stuffed elephant plush animal

An oversized stuffed elephant is another mementoes gift idea to mark a white elephant event. This cute elephant is soft and cuddly and can be used as a decorative piece or a headrest.

42. Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box

Musical ballerina jewelry box with ballerina necklace keepsake

This beautiful musical ballerina jewelry box exudes girliness and is an ideal keepsake for a teen girl. It is quilted in white faux leather and has neat separators to store jewelry and prevent them from tangling.

43. Lucky Elephant Locket Necklace

Customizable Sterling silver elephant heart locket necklace

An elephant locket necklace is a sentimental gift as it offers space for pictures of loved ones. Its adorable design includes a cute mommy and baby elephant. Incidentally, the mommy elephant is white, which can be a sweet reminder of attending the white elephant gift exchange event.

44. Wireless Retro Telephone Handset

Wireless retro telephone headset with six color options

A wireless retro telephone handset is a fantastic teen gift that everyone will probably be interested in. It pairs up with their smartphone using Bluetooth and includes all the necessary buttons to take calls. It is available in six vivid colors, making it yet another great one of many white elephant gift ideas for teenagers.

45. Selfie Ring Light With Cell Phone Holder

Phone and ring light stand with flexible arms

Teens are into taking selfies and creating content these days, so why not help them out with this selfie ring light and cell phone stand? It can bend to any shape and rotate 360 degrees. It’s perfect for a hands-free live stream or video chat, and can be used as a desktop lamp.

46. Star Wars the Mandalorian Galactic Snackin Grogu

Grogu toy with over 40 sound and motion combinations

This adorable “Grogu” toy could melt a teen’s heart even if they don’t know who he is. Long story short, Grogu is obsessed with this round metal object, the knob from the shifter of the Mandalorian’s spacecraft. It includes interactive accessories that will resonate with avid Star Wars fans.

47. OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Portable water resistant bluetooth speaker with 100 foot range

A portable speaker with high-quality crystal clear stereo sound is another ideal white elephant gift for teens. This speaker offers constant and uninterrupted music with a Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use, splash-proof, and available in different colors.

48. Banana Phone Bluetooth Handset for iPhone and Android

Banana phone bluetooth handset for android and iphone

The wireless banana phone is designed to look hilarious when being used. However, its utility is no joke since it offers crystal clear sound and can connect to iPhone and Android devices. If you choose this real-life-looking banana, the new owner will hopefully not confuse a real banana for their phone.

49. Sagrada Board Game

Sagrada family weight dice drafting puzzle board game

A game of Sagrada equals artistic fun as players compete to create the best-stained glass window. Each player picks a dice and then cleverly matches the pattern on their board to create a beautiful design. Think of a stained-glass version of sudoku.

50. Useless Box Leave Me Alone

Self shutting box with cute tiger inside

This “leave me alone” box may resonate with how teens feel sometimes. The box is slightly useless; however, it offers some entertainment. Anytime the lever is pushed, an adorable-looking tiger pops out and flips the lever to shut itself back inside. So cute!

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Ariene Brighton
Ariene Brighton
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The retro phone oh my goodness!!! Such a good idea!
I’m going to get one for my niece for her 15th next week.

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Thanks Ariene!

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Dan Lopez
1 year ago

The bread-shaped pillow is a great idea! haha, thanks!

1 year ago
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Thank you, Dan!

Mariae West
Mariae West
1 year ago

I really like the piggy coin bank 🙂

1 year ago
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Thank you, Mariae!

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Anna Wilson
1 year ago

The Roll-Up Piano With 61 Keys is soo dope!

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Manilyn Reyes
1 year ago

Good work!

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Pippa Urbain
Pippa Urbain
1 year ago

A good article, and it is a great gift idea, I like the bread shape pillow.

Stephanie Nelson
Stephanie Nelson
1 year ago

Like the idea! nice gifts for teens.

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Zachary Evans
1 year ago

Great gifts idea for teenagers, nice article!

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